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  • Gaming on a Pc. Pro's & Cons

    So i've built my new gaming pc. Used i7 6700k ( unlocked capable of high overclocking), Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 Micro ATX DDR4, SSD 500 and 8gb OC (overclocked) memory. I have yet to put in a graphics card, I'm running my old rig as a tester. I was going to to buy the gtx 1080 but AMD is releasing some powerful cards for a fraction of the price. I've actually managed to get my CPU up to 4.7ghz with out any issues, and I didn't even water cool. water cooling sounds good and It's a pain in the ass and the difference isn't that drastic in CPU temps. I'd like to rest knowing that if the water pump fails ( which it will, I won't have a dead PC on my hands) or water leakage. ( which is also common).
    I'm ordering 3 screen set up, 4k. I might just crossfire two AMD GPU 480x. It'll make sim games like DIRT Rally a dream to play on.

    Personally, I find gaming on a pc better for convience factor, I don't have to load in CD's cause I use STEAM VALVE for the majority of my games. I can tweek the pc for clear crisp pics and frame rates.
    That being said, I love the xbox that microsoft came out with. It offers alot for the price and is versatile. you've got internet, media center, gaming console, 3D sim, and you can even use social media software and have camera meetings. It also sets up wonderfully for projectos.

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    Nice rig.
    Ah shucks BK is fine wit me. I'm low maintenance" Beni Mama


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      Originally posted by Nick D View Post
      Nice rig.

      Thank you!
      "#KillingShitz #HaterRepz"


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        Whoa, sounds like you know what you are talking about....& it looks cool.

        What are some of the games you play?


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          I have built enough PC's to know that for the last 5-6 years at least Nvidia are so far ahead in terms of bench marking and driver support of AMD its not worth the headache. IMHO I would go for a cheap 980ti in SLI as they will dominate any game you throw at it on close to if not ultra settings. 1080s are going to be a great card but they are way over priced atm due to the insane demand for them.

          Looking at your setup I would recommend putting a water cooler in there for your CPU. Even if you're not going to over clock its just a lot safer venting hot air out through the radiator and keeps over temps inside your case a lot lower which is better for all components. Looking at the size of your case and the heat sink you have used having good cooling for any 2 card setup at 4K might become an issue as it could be tight!

          See how you go but I would use something like Hardware Monitor to keep an eye on your temps while running some bench marking programs like Firestrike and if things get too hot you might have to reassess.

          Im no expert just a very keen enthusiast with some tough bullet proof PCs. Hit up the hardware forums on Reddit. They are great!


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            I just feel more comfortable playing on the computer. I like the big monitor, everything is visible. I have a fairly powerful computer, so the games doesn't slow down. Although lately I have been playing slot machines, so there is no need for a powerful computer here.
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