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  • Artistry

    Artist Dave Vancook has added a collection of Star Wars characters and vehicles to old paintings that he finds at thrift stores. You can view more of his improved paintings on Facebook.

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    The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

    1. Christ of the Abyss at San Fruttuoso, Italy


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      ^pretty awesome link
      The world's best spoon's player


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        pretty cool picture of boba fett.

        And pretty cool pictures of abondoned places.
        Ah shucks BK is fine wit me. I'm low maintenance" Beni Mama


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          For over six years, photographer S. Morita has been documenting the often beautiful designs found on manhole covers in Japan. To date Morita has photographed more than 600 examples.


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            “Radiant Light” is a photo series of beautiful abstract light paintings by artist Patrick Rochon. According to Rochon, his circular designs are inspired by phenomena that cannot normally be seen, such as sounds, emotions, and energy. The series is on display at the Endeavour Gallery in Calgary through May 3, 2014.


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              Stunning Camera Drone Video of Ice Caves in Alaska

              A DJI Phantom drone explores ice caves in the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska in this stunning video by Firefight Films. The video, part of a film project entitled “Bigger Than Life,” was produced in collaboration with DSLR Pros, an aerial film production company.


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                Taiwanese Artist Creates an Amazing Full-Size Iron Man Suit Out of Cardboard

                20-year-old Taiwanese artist Xhongkai Xiang has created an amazing full-size Iron Man suit out of cardboard. It took him an entire year to build the highly detailed suit. You can view more photos of his work on the Stan Winston School of Character Arts blog.


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                  Exquisite Artistry


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                    French designer Hugo Germain creates surreal video GIFs which he augments with composited graphics.


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                      Athens, Greece-based artist Fotis Varthis has created The Byzantine Series, a collection of historic Byzantine-style paintings of modern-day pop culture characters. You can view more paintings from his series on Behance.

                      Byzantine painting is a language as any kind of art and it doesn’t necessarily express a religious statement. For me this concept of illustrating known -fantasy- characters in Byzantine way began as a mistake when I was trying to draw a prophet and the face reminded me of Saruman! Then I thought that it would be fun to try to depict a variety of characters in that way and I will continue this project as long as it goes. Nothing to do with Orthodoxy or any other religion though.


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                        French Juggler Creates Optical Illusions Using Four Rings

                        French juggler Lindzee Poi manipulates a quartet of juggling rings so as to make them appear as if they’re rotating around one another in the video “Amelymeloptical Illusion”. Set to “Comptine d’un Autre Ete,” a classical piano piece from the Amelie soundtrack, the piece is the latest in a number of videos of the juggler manipulating a variety of different instruments.


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                          ^^^ That guy makes it look so easy...


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                            Artist KATSU Creates Paintings Using His Spray Paint Drone

                            Artist and hacker KATSU has developed a spray painting quadcopter drone that allows him to paint via radio control. He has used the drone to create a series of paintings on canvas, but the technology could readily be used on hard to reach indoor and outdoor surfaces (KATSU initially gained notoriety as a graffiti artist). He’s also planning on making the drone fully autonomous and open source, which means one may soon be painting on a wall near you. KATSU’s paintings are on display at the Silicon Valley Contemporary art show, taking place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center through April 13, 2014. KATSU talks about his drone project in this interview with Motherboard.


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                              ‘This Is Iceland’, A Stunning Time Lapse Video Documenting the Northern Lights Over Iceland

                              Photographer Oli Haukur Myrdal has captured the stunning beauty of the Northern Lights over the Iceland sky in this time lapse video taken during the winter of 2014.