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New research with stem cells

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  • New research with stem cells

    Cardiac stem cells derived from young hearts helped reverse the signs of aging when directly injected into the old hearts of elderly rats, a study published Monday in the European Heart Journal said.

    Cardiac stem cells rejuvenate rats' aging hearts, study says - CNN_20170814133748.jpg The image didn't upload properly so I will type the rest.
    The old rats appeared newly invigorated after receiving the injections. The cardiac stem cells improved heart function and provided additional benefits, their chromosomal telomeres, which commonly shrink with age, lengthened. The old rats receiving the cardiac stem cells also had increased stamina, exercising more than before the infusion.
    Dr. Eduardo Marban, director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute said, It's kind of like an unexpected fountain of youth."
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