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  • Hey,American's Listen Up !

    IMG_4060.jpg While the best bodybuilding leaders and promoters are in America!(Jim,Steve,Robin,Bob,Blechman,McGough,etc) Why pledge some "Alligence" to A Flag ?.A National Foot Ball league foot ball player has recently been black balled or ostracised because he does not follow the nonsense of saluting those around him (and some flag) be it Nationality,Religon or Orientations.How Bloody freedom of speech etc is interpretid at these Foot Ball games is beyond me my fellow simpleton's...Lol! How many of yas is native american indians any way-Yes I know Bill Pearl is as he was born on Yakima Nation Indian Reservation but them foot ball people certainly are not and in fact are quite the opposite of melting pots that we honor and respect,so let the ball player have his freedom you may ponder ? Callin ya alls to put a kap nic on it...We'll is ya gonna stand for this humorous nonsense,Lol! (Put em in coach and let the kid play ball).As for how posted photo dipics America well oops Florida are people too but not sure about someone in Maine,Lol.
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    Eloquently put. Eye opening perspective.
    I went Camp Crystal Lake when I was younger.

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        What do they have against people from Maine?