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    Originally posted by Kaladryn View Post
    While distracting the dog with one hand, grab it by the neck with the other. Hold the dog off the ground in front of you so as not to get clawed. Now here is the tricky part, as the owner comes running at you to "save his dog" you throw the little ball of teeth right onto his face. The rest should take care of itself.
    Its much like fighting, when you see someone on tv, its far easier to say " man don't drop the hand, pump that jab and step" but when you actually get in their all of a sudden variables are different.

    My passion was/is protection training dogs. I don't have time now, but when I trained dogs I was decoy and wore the bite suit.
    I will tell you first hand, there nothing you have on you physically that will stop a properly trained dog from bitting you and causing damage. Eventually his fangs will puncture your artery in your arms or leg, you kneel down and he goes in for the face.

    The K-9 may not get a firm bite initially but hell just circle you, bit you and continue to close the gap, hell grap your leg, you try to punch and bend over or lean in and a dog can bite you faster than you can blink and comprehend whats going on in your brain. Hell just switch from the leg to chest, face, upper arm region, trip you up and BOOM! over with.

    Sure un trained dogs, you can kick and often times scream outload and punk them out, but a dog trained to attack with the proper breeding will destroy everything on your body to shreds.

    a 50lb dog can kill a 300lb man with ease. Unless you have tools or weapons, you can't and won't stop unless you "outfight' the dog which will be rare if the dog is breed and trained properly.

    I was never able to stop a 40lb dog with a suit and I was 230ish at the time. Your best is try to have them bite your weak arm, if your lucky your wearing a jacket and you can simply smash their body into wall and scream outload. Never lean it or fall to the groud. lean back and keep your strong free arm free, and try to grab anything around to poke the eyes.
    Don't hit the dog, its usless or even stab them. the eyes is the quickest way for them instantly release. Never use your free hand fingers to

    poke them, they can release your weak arm and go for your other arm much faster than you can understand. Then you'd be in trouble, with one bleeding and injured arm, and the other occupied. Get out of center ground and head for a tree, car, wall, fence anything that can allow to sqeueeze them against while pokeing the eyes out.

    This also reduces variable of getting bit, you can dont have to defend 360. If you get a stick you eliminate a huge factor because if the dog spins around you, your back will towards the wall, and if you have a respectable size stick and continue to scream and intimidate the dog Or remain calm you just have to deal with one direction attack.

    Personally I've never seen an attack stop because the person was passive and calm. If the dog is attack hard core, its after you, so rolling over and being calm will only make matters easier for the dog and worse for you.

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      I grab head with both hands.....and twist. Works every time