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What's fight drive?

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  • What's fight drive?

    Fight drive is a term used for a K-9 that shows the drive to fight against a situation that would otherwise make other dogs buckle, mostly being when a dog is chasing after someone, and the bad guy hits a dog its a term used for working dogs, like Shepherds, Rottie, Dobies. I've seen quite a few dogs who were supposidly from some high end bloodline of german bloodlines back down, coward or runaway!

    Then their are the elite. These animals just like elite BB were selectively breed and have had their bloodline protected ( 99% of the time they were from Europe, mostly Germany) would choice only the best of the best to breed, they were put through extensive selection process using Temperament selection, performance, obedience and followed a strict guideline for physical trait.

    This is what a dog with very solid nerves and high drive does. Refuses to back down to a handler, and constantly fights no matter what. This trait is desired in all working dogs.

    "#KillingShitz #HaterRepz"