These are feminist treasonists that are attacking Trump in an attempt to overthrow the executive branch of the Govt. The last 3 years the only thing the House of Rep. has done is attack Trump. They have accomplished nothing in the way of needed legislation to help solve problems in this country. The House of rep. has become a useless political body. There is a need for constitutional reform to have a more effective govt. The best way to do this is do away with the House of Rep. and have one legislative body with 200 senators. They could be divided up by region and population. That way they could be more responsive to the people that elected them.
I used to live in Calif. for 10 years and there are so many representatives there that no one knew who their rep. was. So they could vote or do anything they wanted in the congress without being responsive to their constituents. Most other countries in the world only have one legislative body. Having 2 that can constantly fight with each other is a bad idea.