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holistic q&a . blend of spirituality & performance , pit style

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  • Guvnor
    How did you manage to get 52 x 5* votes on your FB page?

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  • supbro!
    BLP. I way this respectfully. I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

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  • Langmuir
    It reads like gh15.

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  • benoitlapierre
    & prelinguistic:

    Human are th only race with symbols of meaning, it sure got a transdisciplinary direction that somehow logic. Jungian developmental psychologist dare'.
    Let's theorize not for sake of right but lets say usefully wrong for modern insight & awareness.
    Music came before language, it' collide collectiveness , hummm and sound are vibration that does
    motion to e-motion
    by mirror neuron...
    th singing Neandertal dwell!

    We remember th astonishing link of polyvagal and th sense of safety. Cranial nerves express prosody & lexicon in attachment theory of infant environment.
    Holistic intuition was at th origin genesis of gesture & dance, it came a evolutionary coherence that keep evolving within neuroplastic state of culture. Even contemporary dance can have a tribal or political metaphors. Pantomime has a long theatrical history in Western culture dating back to classical theatre.
    It doesnt mean a thing if it got no swing.

    Once in th timeline of th universe creativity span waves on molecular & genetic signalling. Creativity & musicality of homo abilis bound with early nurturing. Left and right hand follow narration and sound in newborns.
    This is where genius pound incubation of ideas, men after all th only one who had decode is own dna. In moral & ethics it not peoples that have ideas but ideas that have peoples.
    Prenatal life process words recognition since rapid information in human brain is vital for survival.

    Sociobiological species are evolutionary creative, in 2004 archeologist dug up a 4000 year old stone doll that was made for play. Novelty is aroGloball where seeking & play is neurocognitive alteromodulation like hugging heart to heart give biomechanical strength. A complex action that link human physical contact and neurotransmitter repercussion. Personality of infants emerge from interactions of their brain with world events. No baby know rule they act like they know but rule are encoded in biology like procedural transgenerational memory. Meaning is pragmatic from ancestral to tribal to you from ethnocentric to individualistic, from fairytales to identity.

    Th world not made of matter it made of what matters and what matter in culture is language, art, music, dance that nourish science in synchronicity.
    Meaning intuition lead academic finding and this might never been proven.

    Th only link between ethical rational deterministic science and intuition is ?
    What we call;

    And who show you th deep roots of being humble?


    Dr BLP

    Experiential theoricist of holistic care.

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  • holistic q&a . blend of spirituality & performance , pit style

    Benoît Lapierre PHD
    spiritual holistic

    honorary pdh from overseas,
    reflexes integration
    neuro linguistic transformation by 5 top masters in field,
    applied movement neurology,
    neural skeletal screen,
    total body modification intro,
    applied athletic therapeutic,
    institut IP innovation & performance,
    bodytalk practitioner,
    functional neurology from a accunect angle by amn homeostasis,
    EFT & holistic hypnosis,
    somatic experiencing module 1,
    brain gym & educational kinesiology,
    reiki & new german medecine,
    alchemist exploration with master francois grasset,
    esoteric spirituality,
    neural organization technique intro
    neural reset therapy 101
    touch for health of specialized kinesiology,
    cellfield seminar lectures regarding early development,
    student of integral kinesiology by master lucie blouin,
    been privately mentors by 14 coaches from humanistic to transpersonal by women and men,
    integral coaching by jf thibault and robert reimondi,
    neuroperformance advocate
    had done lectured in Australia , Africa & Canada,
    Drunvalo awakening of th illuminated heart workshop twice ,
    meet personally 130 healing holistic practitioners to get inspire,
    main goal
    one integrative state of spiritual health & fitness

    eventually with practice
    you nail art that we call;

    which never underestimate th power of love

    any health question

    go ahead

    lets laugh , enjoy and hopefully you learn a few thing