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Thread: 2011 Junior Nationals Prejudging Wrap Up! Don Long names his stand outs from each class!!

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    Default 2011 Junior Nationals Prejudging Wrap Up! Don Long names his stand outs from each class!!

    Don Long and Bad Bad Larry Brown wrap up the prejudging round of the 2011 NPC Junior Nationals Bodybuilding Competition

    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Bad Leroy Brown
    It's summertime here in the Windy City and while the Cubs are at Wrigley Field battling the Yankees, bodybuilders from all across the nation are battling each other for the coveted title of NPC Jr. National overall champion. While this show gives off a youthful sound in it's title, make no mistake about it, this is a grown up competition. Bodybuilders, fitness, figure, bikini and physique competitors are here to lay claim for the trophy and to add to the long line of impressive champions that the Jr. Nationals has had as it's winners in the past.

    The creme de' la creme of the show was Kevin Jordan. Once he stepped up onstage it was obvious he came prepared to win. With super nutritionist Chad Nicholls in his corner he brought together a package that was thick, dense, hard and solid. Another standout was in the Super Heavyweight class and his name was Timmy Galliard from Mississippi. While not possessing a high level of conditioning, his structure put him seemingly at the head of the class. Seemingly because Anthony Tenuta was firing on all cylinders for a super heavy win and he is doing it with thick mass up top and a tight lower body.

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    Bring on the finals and the awards!

    But first, do you all think a lot of the competitors should have come in more conditioned as Larry and Don Long stated or was the field deep enough and good enough to be one of the better Jr Nationals?
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