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Thread: Who is the Strongest man in history?

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    Kaz won two IPF powerlifting titles back when the IPF was pretty much the only fed that the strongest powerlifters competed in. He also only competed in 2 IPF worlds, he would have won several more had he continued with powerlifting. From 1980-82 he dominated WSM by such a wide margin that the owner of WSM (David Webster) did not invite him to participate again until 1988. He wanted a more competitive WSM figuring it would attract more viewers if the competition was closer. Webster was a Scot and was rumored to have wanted to see British Geoff Capes win the WSM, something Capes never would have done had he continued to compete against Kaz. The WSM was invite only at the time. Kaz was also the first man to bench press 660 in competition and was rumored to do triples with that weight in the gym before tearing his pec. Had he focused on powerlifting he would have easily attained a 900 plus raw deadlift and squat. Dorian Yates has also been quoted as saying Kaz was by far the strongest person he has ever seen when DY observed him at Temple gym back in the day. When it came to explosive strength events Kaz dominated everyone, the only events he could be beaten in were the endurance events. A man with the amount of fast twitch muscle fiber that Kaz had would be very hard to beat in any lift, especially if he had taken the time to perfect his form.

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    Mariusz Pudzianowski

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    There was a man called Maximinus Thrax, who was a Roman Emperor from 235 to 238 AD. His father was a Goth and mother was an Alan. Wikipedia says he was over 8' tall. This is not correct, the Romans weighed him at 500 lbs., but there is no record of them measuring his height. At that weight, he was probably around 7'8". He participated in many strong man contests before becoming emperor. And participated in Greco-Roman wrestling. Super heavyweight class no doubt. LOL At his size and weight, with training he probably could easily win the present World's Strongest Man contest. He led the Roman army in battle for 3 years. But his soldiers were tired of the constant battles and killed him in his sleep when he was around age 62.

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