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Thread: Phil Heath Wins 2011 Mr Olympia!! Jay Cutler in second! Kai takes third. SCORECARDS ADDED!

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    I totally agree. Jay should have been 3rd or 4th. This is the same thing that happened in 2007(Beating Victor Martinez by one point) and 2008(Losing to Dexter Jackson). I don't have anything personal against Jay but at some point shape, lines, and symmetry have to mean something. Mass is something- it shouldn't be everything. Guys with poor symmetry are rarely penalized and guys with good symmetry are rarely rewarded. Phil won like killing a fly with an ax(score cards confirm)-he left nothing left chance...Mass, symmetry, and lines were all there- pretty and freaky...Phil said this before last year's Olympia. It has now come to pass-GOOD JOB Mr. Phil!!!

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    Not even close. Jay's midsection is wide and blocky. Phil is 3D!!! Game Over.

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    Everybody is entitled to his own opinion so am i...

    Here is how i see...

    Phil was the clear winner...his physique in 2011 olympia was as spectacular as coleman in 1998 and 2003...of course in a different way...

    Jay who still had the best wheels on stage lost fair and square...he could have been third...his back and shoulders lost sharpness and detail for some time...kai matches jay in mass but is better in shape...however jay was more conditioned...could have been either way and i respect the decision...

    İ believe placings of victor and wolf is fair...they can not beat kai unless he is completely off like 2010 olympia because like him or not, he has the mass and the shape...victor despite lots of progress is still weaker in legs...wolf lacks hams, calves and lower back...

    Overall i believe it was a fair judging for top 6...i wish branch Warren had participated too...that would have been quite interesting...

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    the mr. olympia is gone for another year. i am a kai greene fan,and it hurt to see him place third(good but not what he went there for).but all this time i do feel that phil was the winner. i realize that don t make kai any less great. the problem is the fact that jay got second in the olympia and india show over kai. jay is a legend , so was ronnie, but the sport caughtes up with us all simple,black and blue bicep and small right leg don t equal second place in big shows(don t mention water in back) kai is second best and true fans know this.great career jay. time to move on. but kai, you speak on mindset, you got to know yourself that you number one, don t wait for the media to tell you or the fans.

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    Phil looks just awesome!!

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