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Thread: Evan Centopani, Ben Pakulski and Dexter Jackson Posing Routines at the Arnold Classic 2012

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    evans routine was very entertaining. with the music though i thought apollo creed had just died or something. lol,
    evan and dennis' showed much improved physiques especially in the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by majrminer View Post
    Evan may not be the most "graceful" bodybuilder when it comes to posing, but after watching this, I think he has a legitimate claim for most entertaining poser award.

    He came alive at the end of his routine and you could tell he was enjoying it. Perfect song to complement his physique. For the Olympia, I want to see Evan pose to another Metallica song. It's good to see a bodybuilder with real love for his work - displaying a physique that took such extremely hard work and dedication. He lives with passion, and it showed.
    Well said

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    Default colemans calves?

    Quote Originally Posted by BenBach View Post
    No calves is probably the one bodypart you can get away with not having, look at ronnie coleman...
    you are a straight up fool. colemans calves were huge.

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    After watching Wolf here, i realize, simply put, the man has a great back. No longer do I want to hear any talk otherwise. He looked unbelievable last weekend, and I've said it before, but what bullshit it is he has to deal with the politics in this sport. He handled it much better afterwards than I would have. I mean, that was an Olympia physique he brought in my eyes. Looked great, he should at least be proud of that.

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    Centopani's routine was weak. 20 most musculars in a row is not a professional routine. Branch deserved to win the show, period. I hate his physique but he brought the best package. People are upset because they don't find Branche's physique appealing, not because it was some marginal decision. If people don't want Branch Warren to win shows the other competitors are the one's who have to fix it, not the judges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroFire View Post
    Good one.

    Travesty- A false, absurd, or distorted representation of something.

    Yup... yup I still think that's what it was. If you're a fan it affects you. I do like our sport and disagree with the decision-- both are possible.

    We already made a difference. They interviewed Dennis and told him we disagreed (it meant a lot to him), the judges will hear about it (this could affect their decision next year), MD might write about it (possibly influencing people and judges).

    Sorry you missed it. Maybe next time you can do something with your life too.
    Cringe- When a comment or situation makes you either throw up, or chew through the jacket that you are holding up to your face to protect you from this person/tv

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