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Thread: GHRP-2 & MODGRF1-29 LOG

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    Default GHRP-2 & MODGRF1-29 LOG

    Iv decided to keep a log.
    I have decided to take ghrp2 and modgrf1-29.
    The dose i am on is
    GHRP2 - 150mcg
    MODGRF1-29 - 75mcg
    I plan to take it 3 times a day, although with work restrictions I might even go to 1 shot a day.

    I have ordered my Peptides from ErgoPep seeing they have a good rep.

    I am running test@ 400mg a week as a recomp.

    Im not having any expectations from either just want to see what would be the outcome.

    Feel free to ask questions.


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    Cool....thanks for posting this up.

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    Day #1
    Food intake is litrally through the roof.
    I get crazy hunger pangs after taking my shots. I think im probably over eating. I will have to keep my serbings fixed so i dont end up getting fatter!
    Lethargy was noticed after the first shot.
    Seems legit.

    PS: Im not american and im doing this entirely upon my own will to keep track of my progress.

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    Day #3

    compared to day one and two i have lowered carb intake to about 200g a day

    i eat when im hungry and thats alot more now!

    portion size has increased

    fullness in muscles has gone up
    strength has gone up
    hand swelling and a light tingle now and then.

    trained legs today kept it to two exercises for quads and hams
    8 x squats hit
    did 310lbs for 8
    just wasnt there mentally but have done it last week at 12 reps
    8 x leg press
    did my 770 got 8 again
    cant go heavier since the press cant be loaded much
    hams did stiff deads x 8
    and seated curls x 8
    hams where pretty much destroyed.
    have not been on a scale yet...

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    Weight : 205lbs

    Heavy arms & chest. Crazy pump
    Good workout overall

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    # 6

    My joints feel wierd, like im 60.

    Overall my physique has changed dramatically.
    I wake up to a different look everyday
    Its a nice overall pump.
    I find the training pumps seem to be getting better as the days go by.
    Today was back, i forgot what i did but by the time i did my last set i was cramping. Felt like one sleepy tank lol

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    Oh yeh and im CRAVING JUNK FOOD!!!!!
    i just wna have crap!
    Its unbelievable how my appetites changed
    I kill all food and then i have to starve lol

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    10 days in and im blown away as my physique has changed dramatically.
    My training sessions have been erratic this week. Ranging from 20min workouts to a max of 40 due to work constraints.
    But zero cardio all diet now and honestly this is the best addition i think iv made to my supplementing.
    I wish i could get tren sometime and the changes would be far more dramatic and mind blowing.
    I think im going to change the type of test i use soon. Since the test i am using visually makes me hold alot more water.
    Another 10 days and i will see how this goes.

    Simply amazing stuff!

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    Good log so far. Keep it up.

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    This seems somewhat exaggerated... At day 6 your "physique changed dramatically"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigal View Post
    This seems somewhat exaggerated... At day 6 your "physique changed dramatically"?
    Please create your own log.
    Get people to pollute it.
    Its my LOG.
    MY opinions.
    My effort.
    My progress.
    I am better today from yesterday.
    I'm achieving!
    I did not ask for your judgement over mine.


    diet was crap today and yesterday.
    i feel flat and happy. iv taken only one shot yesterday and today.
    been busy and other personal shit that goes on through our lives we have to face, whether its family issues or work related.
    life goes on!



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    ^^Well homie, you DID post a thread.. Thus opening the door for comments, rather you like it or not.

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    Going to order alot more ghrp2 next time!
    Higher doses is wat im going to run!
    But never the less, taken a shot 15mins ago, fingers are tingling, my hunger is growing and my muscles are full.
    Im weighing 212lbs now and visually alot leaner.

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    alot more people are complimenting me, doing me excellent since every tshirt of mine is a little baggy! Wierd how to explain this but im looking bigger while being leaner, weight is about 213lbs atm, but on sat the 31st il get on the scales.
    i get a pump far easily, recovery is excellent!

    this dose is perfect, some days i throw more ghrp2, some days i take only one shot a day some days i take upto three. i just go with how im feeling and what im doing.

    im managing this lethargy alot better now, caffeine is available lol!

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    Maybe see these elusive abs in another 25 days?
    This is rediculously good.
    I am flat as fuck, my carbs are about 150g a day on a high. My proteins about 200+/-. My fats are about 40.
    I get difficulty getting a pump since i use a fat burner for a preworkout supplement.
    I have had the flu for the last few days, thanks to the appetite stimulation i do eat. Otherwise i wouodnt touch a thing!

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    53 days in and the weightloss has slown down. So has my drive and diet. Need some form of motivation.
    Weights sitting where i started at. Gained new muscle? Lost fat? Sounds like it. Needs a new belt plus new jeans!
    Maybe after this post il start eating cleaner and wont miss meals!
    Day off today.
    Lets start tomorrow with training back with deadlifts!
    Wheres that motivation! Gna have to dig deep!

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    since day 54 iv been taking
    ghrp2 - 200mcg
    modgrf1-29 - 100mcg
    once a day

    I cant be feeling sleepy always. I think I let my calories drop abit too low so I was seeing a loss in muscle mass
    I am on no test at the moment, pct, so that can be a reason why my drives down, i havent experienced it this badly

    i beat my pr of 220kgs for 6 reps on deadlifts.... yay lol
    so back to my pct
    100mgs of clomid
    20mg nolva

    once my pct is over in another two weeks il drop the peps and get fat lol

    maybe take time to just enjoy training and life?
    just off time makes you feel healthy.
    my weight is at 206lbs
    feeling healthy now
    cant stand being sleepy, with sore hands and all
    been a good blog

    bigal, i appologize for my meltdown... i hope no respect was lost.
    its just a board but i was at fault!


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