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Thread: All Arnold Amateur 2012 Winner Posing Routines NOW POSTED! Get em while they're HOT!

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    Default All Arnold Amateur 2012 Winner Posing Routines NOW POSTED! Get em while they're HOT!

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    Stefan Havlik

    2012 Arnold Amateur Finals
    Report by Ron Harris

    Not many of us in America will ever have the chance to see the IFBB World Amateur Championships, as it’s usually held in Asia or the Middle East. The most recent edition was held in Mumbai, India. But thanks to the Arnold Amateur event, you don’t need to go any further than Columbus, Ohio to see the best amateur bodybuilders from around the world. Since it’s tough for most of these athletes to both turn pro and to get any exposure, they now flock to this event. Over 700 competitors from 82 nations competed at this year’s Arnold Amateur show, and the quality was outstanding – ‘world class’ doesn’t even do it justice.

    Women’s Lightweight (up to 55 kg)

    Hong Kong’s Lo Kit Ming beat our American Wanda Keeler from Kansas based on both condition and presentation (better poser). She also had tremendous back development. Wanda had better overall balance, as Lo was a bit light in the wheels, but Lo’s superior condition could not be denied.

    Women’s Heavyweight (over 55 kg)

    This class went to Olga Puzanova from Russia, a stunning blonde with a polished, balanced physique. Olga was in great shape and was also a captivating poser.

    Women’s Overall

    Olga Puzanova seemed to be an easy choice for the Overall, given that Lo Kit Ming needs more leg size to balance out her physique.

    Men’s Lightweight (up to 70 kg)

    Russia’s Nazin Ilya won the lightest division based on his big back, shredded glutes, and overall density,

    Men’s Welterweight (up to 75 kg)

    The Philippines had two athletes in the top five here, but it was Roman Cortuna who won the class. Roman has big, well-shaped legs and a very complete physique with a nice visual ‘flow’ to it. His back and biceps development was also noteworthy. In fact, I have no explanation for this, but overall I saw much better backs on these international competitors than I usually do on American national-level competitors. Roman could have been sharper, but it was good enough to win this class.

    Men’s Light-Middleweight (up to 80 kg)

    This was a class where two guys were very close for the win. Runner-up Muneer Aljassas from Saudi Arabia had an unreal X-frame and just amazing genetic structure and shape. But he couldn’t get past the eventual winner, Mahmut Irmak from Turkey. Mahmut has a very classic look to him, with some of the best arms and quads in the whole show. He had won his class at the Arnold Europe last fall in Madrid. Some of the poses he hit were actually reminiscent of Arnold himself, albeit a shorter and more compact version.

    Men’s Middleweight (up to 85 kg)

    This was the only class I saw where the winner was totally obvious, pretty much a pro among amateurs. Charles Mario Soares from Brazil is a former Overall NABBA Mr. Universe, and what a physique on this guy! I can see him doing very well as a 212 IFBB Pro. His arms in particular were amazing, and the splintered detail on his legs from the side was unique in the show.

    Men’s Light=Heavyweight (up to 90 kg)

    Venezuela’s Jose Angel Bustamante won this very large and competitive division thanks to his big delts, freaky hams and calves, and overall detail. Oddly, his legs weren’t nearly as sharp from behind as they were from the front,

    Men’s Heavyweight (up to 100 kg)

    This class had some battles! Had the whole show been today, I feel that Slovenia’s Miha Zuhan would have walked away with it. The man was insanely full and shredded, with the clearest glute striations in the whole show. His delts and quads are also spectacular. But he was flat yesterday when it really counted.

    Runner-up Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk from the Ukraine had a lot of shredded mass. But in the end, it was pre-contest favorite Stefan Havlik from Slovakia who took the class. Stefan has a great overall shape and balance, with particularly good legs.

    Men’s Super Heavyweight (over 100 kg)

    The heaviest weight class was also very tough, and many seemed upset at the outcome. I certainly was scratching my head. In third place was Hngary’s Daniel Toth, a man who packs a lot of mass on a compact frame. His condition and color could both have been better.

    Runner-up was Alexey Shabunia from Belarus. I and many others assumed he was going to win. What a gifted structure! Shabunia has some of the widest lats and delts you’ll ever see, tapering down to a small waist and with flaring quads. He was also in great shape and had perfect color. The minute I saw him, I thought this was going to be the Overall winner of the show. Not so.

    Stefan Havlik

    Super Heavyweight
    1. Dalibor Hajek
    2. Aliaksei Shabunia
    3. Daniel Toth
    4. Sergey Bazarov
    5. Dave Titterton
    6. Julio Balestrim
    7. Francisco Corral
    8. Matt Davis
    9. Petr Brezna
    10. Victor Silva
    Martin Dudas
    Alirez Ziaabadi
    Attia Shaalan
    Carlos Rodriguez
    Raed Rahman
    David Plew
    Marc Dautruche
    Sean Mickle
    Mitchell Hess
    Mike Nysten
    1. Stefan Havlik
    2. Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk
    3. Hiha Zupan
    4. Igor Vybornov
    5. Fontana Paolo
    6. Gilberto Ciriello
    7. Marshel Herman
    8. Antonio Furic
    9. Carlos Rodriguez
    10. Baleegh Almohaimeed
    Tomas Kaspar
    Gonzalo Arrua
    Snithers Briggs
    Antal Dudas
    Nooh Eid
    Dennis Santos
    Etienne Eduarda
    Vuzumzi Njisane
    Arash Navidi
    Colt Minneci
    James McKown
    Hossein Marzbanian
    Jorge Asp
    Mohamad Khaled
    Jan Kutis
    Light Heavyweight
    1. Angel Bustamante
    2. Enad Alharbi
    3. Brian Hart
    4. Jon Griffiths
    5. Tony Searle
    6. Abdullah Rahby
    7. Eduardo Miranda
    8. Ariel Cervantes
    9. Adel Elbassiony
    10. Fabian Gonzalez
    Ken Hensley
    Almohaimeed Ahmed
    Moustafa Alaasr
    Aldredo Wanzaller
    Michael Spencer
    Agostinho Figueiredo
    Mehdi Hatami
    Martin Rezek
    Jim Pickett
    Manuel Nartah
    Sadik Inan
    1. Charles Soares
    2. Cengizhan Igdir
    3. Esequiel Coneicao
    4. Ahmed Osman
    5. Mack Grech
    6. Gregor Franciska
    7. Pedro Cantero
    8. Ekpe Egbonyi
    9. Verdine Connor
    10. Julio Mejia
    Jose Ponce
    Sasi Raush
    Ahmed Sadany
    Diego Umanzor
    Alasan Jobarteh
    Fabian Hong
    Alghamdi Ahmed
    Michael Adonis
    Sergio Oliveira
    Light Middleweight
    1. Mahmut Irmak
    2. Muneer Aljassas
    3. Luiz Sarmento
    4. Chris Jones
    5. Masashi Suzuki
    6. Hernan Lugo
    7. Jan Sotak
    8. Rodrigo Alves
    9. Arnaldo Libert
    10. Fan Yue
    Waldo Garcia Tinajero
    Randy Tiner
    Tony DArceneaux
    Yu Hong
    Luis Fontanez
    Roderick Ternida
    Coppola Franceso
    Nuo Sun
    Supry Sos
    Zachary Geese
    Paul Jayilian
    Perivaldo Oliveira
    Mahmoud Neamatalla
    Eduardo Motta
    Andriy Sharapov
    1. Roman Cortuna
    2. Francisco De Assis
    3. Bader Ebrahim Sultan
    4. Javier Miranda
    5. Kevin Gan
    6. Diego Salinas
    7. Andrew Awak
    8. Diego Santos
    9. Antonio Bellaroba
    10. Vyacheslav Makogon
    Eric Hannah
    Jose Acenedo
    Sergio Sandoval
    John Fettes
    Arachchilage Wijesinghe
    Habia Gibba
    Mike Grezzo
    Abdulrasaq Kazeem
    Mohamed Miranda
    1. Nazin Ilya
    2. Milfi Alghamdi
    3. Lee Chi
    4. Jose Santos
    5. Luciano Karim
    6. Lin Qing
    7. Koji Godo
    8. Alejandro Duarto
    9. Bertuzzi Christian
    10. Scorpion Garcia

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    dalibor hajek has a sick back.......but stevan is having good symmetry and i am amazed to see that everyone had christmas tree in there lower back and huge lat spreads

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    where are the results for the show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadly16996 View Post
    dalibor hajek has a sick back.......but stevan is having good symmetry and i am amazed to see that everyone had christmas tree in there lower back and huge lat spreads
    There was a few of the AA competitors that showed up with great condition, Dalibor and Stefan both had better conditioning than some of the Arnold open competitors. I really was really impressed with Stefan's physique and those lats they go all the way down to his waist, it was a win well deserved.

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    What sort of injury did Arnold sustain to his arm? Was he trying to "pump up" before the show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by majrminer View Post
    What sort of injury did Arnold sustain to his arm? Was he trying to "pump up" before the show?
    some sort of a shoulder injury from his upcoming movies..

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    Hajek absolutely deserved to win..Shabunia is huge but from what time any contest wins potential of a bodybuilder prior to his condition..? Shabunia was a bit off so that's why..and Toth is just a weird offense..

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    Thanks for the coverage!!! I always enjoy watching the amateur's from around the world


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