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Thread: Rotator Cuff Solution?

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    Developing cumulative damage over time from heavy weight lifting goes with the game.
    Shoulders are especially at risk due to the complexity of the shoulder joint and the stabilizers that support it.

    The risk is increased if someone does heavy behind the neck presses or uses cheat form on any exercise that involves an overhead lift when someone does not move the weight smoothly through the entire ROM and decelerates the weight with a jerk at the top of the ROM.

    When I see crossfit idiots swinging kettlebells and bringing them to a sudden stop at the top of the ROM I think, the sheer force that they are exerting on their shoulder joints by that deceleration is going to cause serious shoulder damage over time.
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    Bowden I agree with you. I mean I don't do Smith Machine Military Presses nor Barbell Military Presses. I just stick to Hammer Military Press I do admit I do go heavy but my ROM isn't bad at all. I used to go heavy on Seated Military DB Press in the past. As if now I'm taking time off from Chest and Deltoid pressing movements for a bit. I'm starting to do rotator exercises pre-workout every day I am in the gym even if I am doing Legs or Back/Arms. I think I will start supplementing again with Omega-3 which was a mistake I have stopped taking for a year. I used to eat fish religiously but fish can be really expensive but I'll just do my best to work my way around it and buy it (fatty-fish that is) Thanks Evan Centopani for telling me this. So an omega-3 with the addition of Cissus and a joint-care complex supplement should be enough.

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