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Thread: "I Will Not Lose!" 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler Talks Comeback!

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    after the 09 O' Jay might surprise us...
    good luck, this would be interesting to see!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex1247 View Post
    Jay, you should know that the majority of the fans here that are regulars on the MD No Bull Forum voted overwhelmingly for Dennis Wolf as the winner, followed by Evan and Branch in 3rd. It was an unofficial poll of course, it was organized just to gauge the "pulse" of the fans here b/c many of us felt strongly for Dennis Wolf or Evan C. as the winner of the 2012 Arnold, not Branch. Regardless of what the judges "scored" the show, just sharing the fan's point of view is all.
    IMO he didn't deserve any of those arnolds he won and the second place at the 09 O'.
    not hating just being realistic.

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    Jay will bring a new package, one we haven't seen yet, welcome to the new Jay's era

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    In this short clip, Jay Cutler, five weeks after having surgery to repair a torn bicep, 4 x Mr Olympia Jay Cutler is back in the gym working shoulders on the hunt for another Sandow trophy.

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