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Thread: Pregnant Women - ok to workout?

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    I know there was some controversy over relaxin, a hormone that was supposedly released during the final trimester of pregnancy, that is designed to soften the pubic symphysis for easier childbirth.
    Whilst I'm not sure if they proved it or disproved it, i remember learning that it was recommended for heavily pregnant women or women who had just given birth to do certain resistance movements, because of the effect it could have on the tendonds and joints, leading to hyperflexibility
    But once again i remember that there was a pretty serious debate about it, either way that might wish to be something you checkout as well

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    I"m 23 weeks and have worked out the whole time just with lighter weights as the weeks progress. Also after the first trimester you aren't supposed to do any exercises while lying on your back because it restricts blood flow to the uterus.

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    with my wife, the doc said 'no exercise beyond what you did before you got preggo'.

    but she could keep going. got to be just brisk then slow walking over the last 4-5 months of it.
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