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Thread: Q & A with IFBB PRO Dawn Alison

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    Sept 25, 2017
    pt of the day

    “Beginning in itself has no value,
    it is an end
    which makes beginning meaningful,
    we must end what we begun.”
    “Whatever it takes to finish things,
    You will learn more from a glorious failure
    than you ever will from something you never finished.”
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    Nov 2008
    Surrey, BC, Canada


    Sept 26, 2017
    pt of the day

    “It is not a lack of love,

    but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
    Our relationship started as a friendship,
    3863 km or 2400 miles away.
    Brandon Best in Memphis
    & Me in Surrey, BC, Canada.
    Our friendship started on Dave Palumbo's ****************** ....

    for those who don't know we were married 7 yrs ago TODAY September in Las Vegas

    on the Sunday of the Olympia Weekend...

    we planned & paid for the wedding before we ever met each other in person.

    We met not on a dating site,

    but on a Online Bodybuilding website ****************** owned by my then Coach Dave Palumbo.

    Dave started RXMuscle Feb 2009

    and gave me my own thread on the Forums.

    Brandon had been a Moderator on the Official Muscular Development Magazine forum

    where Dave was working when I hired him then got fired.

    So Brandon along with alot of Dave's loyal followers left MD and came to RX.

    Brandon & I struck up a friendship as we would see each others posts,

    and we would respond both on the forum and private message...

    after awhile we both got "Blackberry" cellphones with BBM instant messaging,

    so we would message each other throughout the day every day.

    Early in 2010 I said "I'm going to the Olympia this year" (I had never been),

    Brandon said "i'm going to the Olympia this year too".(he’d never been)..

    more time passes...

    i said "I booked my flight"

    Brandon says "I booked my hotel"

    I ask "Does it have a kitchen?"

    He said "yes a full kitchen"

    so I booked my room there also sharing it with Vicky Lee.

    More time passes

    and that year I competed twice in 2 Canadian National Shows.

    Brandon helped me alot

    and I noticed how he had a calmning effect on me like no one ever had in my life,

    I can be quite a livewire

    and he had an uncanny way of calming me down

    which i'd never before experienced...

    then one day he messages me and asks "would you like to go to this Olympia After Party with me?"

    I reply "Well you better be careful or i'll get you drunk and marry you !"

    he says "You don't have to get me drunk to marry me"

    I thought to myself hmmmmmmmnnnn....

    more time passes...

    one day we are talking and I message him and say

    "Hell why don't we just get married on Sunday after the Olympia?

    " he said "Ok"...

    so we did...

    we met for the 1st time at the Las Vegas Baggage claim on the Thursday

    (see video of it all here:

    we went straight from the baggage claim,

    to get the marriage license,

    to get the Olympia VIP tickets

    to the grocery store,

    to the Hotel..

    then Friday & Saturday was all day and night Olympia events,

    and Sunday we were married.

    His flight was Sunday night,

    when I took him to the airport for a late flight,

    cried all the way back to the hotel,

    not long after I arrived there he called said he was on his way back to the hotel,

    they had overbooked the flight

    so he got off and was to fly out Monday instead.

    So we had our wedding night together after all...

    Monday he went back to Memphis, TN, USA

    and me back to Canada.

    He moved up here to Canada Nov 21st, 2010

    and we have been together ever since...


    LOVE YOU ALWAYS, Dawn xo
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