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Thread: Q and A with 8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman!

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    Yeah BUDDY

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    Ronnie, to be the all time best at what you do AND to have the biggest heart, someone people all over the world feel like they know and love...40 more years of Roonie videos with your changing ways of training as the years go by and doing the thing you do better then anybody; showing that its all about somthing more then BB just by being you. Thank you for everything and God bless.

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    Ronnie you were so strong in your prime, do you think the bodybuilders of today lack the intensity you had?

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    Ronnie my legs are lagging behind little bit compared to upper body , what rep range you used to build your massive legs and can u post an example of your early days leg workout , thank you

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    Really cool to see you post here Ron! definitely a legend.
    just wanted to say that you are probably the best bodybuilder ever and a cool down to earth guy too , I don't see "another" Coleman in the near future.

    what do you think about Cedric Mcmillan? does he have the chance to became Mr O'?

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    what is your fave DMX album?

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    Hey Ronnie,

    in your video when you squated 800 x 2 you wore an inzer suit, have you ever used powerlifting gear (squat suit/bench shirt) on any other occasions?

    in your prime, do you think you coulda beat Stan Efferding in a powerlifting competition?
    I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's nobody I'd rather be, than me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnie Coleman View Post
    still getting use to this dude. ask me again
    Its ok. My question disappeared but then appeared again.
    Last edited by Portillo.; September 6th, 2012 at 07:11 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnie Coleman View Post
    i would like to get back on stage one more time for me! lol and of course the fans. when i say I want to come back its the truth.. the problem is I start training hard and all of a sudden Im hurt again.. injuries are new to me.
    Thanks for the answer the King!!! Was awesome to meet you at the Toronto Pro 2012!!! Huge fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohanLagerström View Post
    Hey Mr. Coleman.

    I know that after the incident in Sweden with Toney Freeman gettin' busted by the police (which was a fucking joke) do you see yourself ever visiting Sweden? I know for sure you have alot of fans here..

    Yeah buddy!
    Ive already been to sweden... no probs here bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by KurtyJ99 View Post
    Did you and Jay ever like each other as friends?
    we were always friendly. but its not like he was one of my boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitbull9 View Post
    Usually in BBIng there was a pattern an Evolution of size from Arnold to Lee Haney, To Dorian, To YOU, You big bastard, and then nothing. The standard you set is def too far and i really dont think anyone will ever surpass you, and that should be pretty cool to know. PITBULL remember it well for it will be the name that haunts your dreams... Im kidding im kidding... OR AM I... NO i am...OR MAYBE NOT... No no i am.
    damn dude... thanks for the compliment.. but I'm a little confused on the you haunting me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexybeast777 View Post
    Hi Ronnie, do you consider yourself to be the greatest bodybuilder ever? or Arnold?
    dude its hard to compare anyone to arnold... let alone myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-Neva View Post
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    lwb!!!! I have some new shirts out check the apparel section on tank tops will be ready for the "O'

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    Quote Originally Posted by NabZ View Post
    Hi Ronnie, Im a huge fan, I still to this day still watch your videos before heading to the gym it gives CRAZY MOTIVATION

    What exercises would you suggest to someone whos been training for about 5 years trying to add some mass to the hamstrings ?

    Thanks Big Ron you ROCK
    did you see that last video of my first power lifting competition? its on one of main titles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YDardeer View Post
    Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler, and Phil Heath. If everyone came in the bes shape of their lives.... Who do YOU think is better? based on your standards. Honestly. And no diplomatic answer either.

    Its no secret, Ive always liked Flex. Good lines, full round muscle belly and small joints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMB View Post
    Ronnie, did you also get some of the WTF sense as everyone else when you saw yourself or finished a crazy lift? I mean you were breaking ground at a rate that may have suprised yourself (I always remember the ridiculous T bar rows where the handle snapped) Anyway the smile on your face was genuine happiness at the achievements and that said everything...

    Saw you in London in 2004!
    not amazed but having a whole lot of fun... Its like when a basketball player dunks on someone... Just feels good.

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