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Thread: 2 weeks out pictures, 1st contest

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    Default 2 weeks out pictures, 1st contest

    Height: 5'8
    Calories: Was taking in 1580 but dropped it to 1460 per day at 2 weeks out
    Macros: Pro 213g, Carb 65g, Fat 40g
    Cardio: 6x a week 30 min low intensity, 3x a week 20 min HIT (just added an extra HIT @ 3 weeks out)

    In my eyes, my guy is not where he needs to be at 2 weeks out. We are thinking about dropping more calories and or bumping up the cardio. I am worried we arent gonna get him as peeled as I would have liked. We are running out of time now as we only have this week and then peak week. I know he will come in better than these pics show obviously but I am looking for advice? Calorie reduction? Drop fat cals? Increase HIT?
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    I would increase the cardio at this point.


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