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Thread: My life

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    In your butt.


    Happy New Year! Today starts off a fresh year to kick some ass (:

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    Shoulder and arms
    seated db press
    40 50 80 100 100 10reps
    standing strict barbell standing press
    135x10 185x6 225x2 then super set with side laterals 3 sets 185 press and 25's on laterals
    then just arms super sets

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    squats 225 225 315 315 10 reps 365 365 5,4 reps
    leg press started at 6 and worked up to 18 plates 12 reps except 18 plates only 8
    seated calf raises 45 90 90 90 90 100 90 45 12 to 15 reps each

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    Flat bench- 225x5 2 sets 3 sets of 315x5 2 sets of 335x5
    4 sets of cables crossovers 12 reps
    db incline press 60,100,100 x12reps
    incline flys 40 50 60 10 reps
    hammer strength rows 2,4,6,8 plates 10 reps
    single arm hammer strength rows 2,2,3,3 plates 10 reps
    pulldowns in front of head and close grip pull downs the stack for 3 sets of 10

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    Just cardio today may even take tomorrow off from the weights

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    Going to keep creeping on certain journals but will update mine on improvements.....had a shoulder injury this summer finally getting my standing press strength back...strict no leg drive...did 135, 135, 185 for 10 reps then only 225 for 5...dropped back down to 185 and super set with side raises 5 reps on press 12 on raises

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    Had a good leg session worked up to 405 on squats below parallel...and 515 (with straps) on deads

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    Slowly creeping up there...legs
    squats 315x12 365x8 405x3 I go pretty deep. Think I had my right knee wrap too tight calf hurt afterwards
    dreadlifts 315x15 405x10 455x5 500x1
    hoping to gain a lot of strength....if I decide to go for it I will start really gearing up in June or a December pugs pull meet and possibly go into the full powerlifting meet depending on my squat and how my body reacts to the heavier training

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    Push and pull June for December

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    Deads today 315x15 365x12 405x12 455x8 495x3

    i hold back in the gym need to learn how not to care and get loud if I have to not saying I can do a lot more but I know I'm capable of more

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    Been pulling 545 for a single just chalk and belt..bench is probably 400 work up to 365 in sets 3 to 5 times and hit 385 for a single after all my sets now to just get my squat bench and deadlift aren't the greatest but my squat is even worse going to watch some form videos and try and get into a grove again like I was before my little injury

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