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Thread: Seeking Supplement and Fitness Bloggers / Content Manager - Part Time Jobs

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    Lightbulb Seeking Supplement and Fitness Bloggers / Content Manager - Part Time Jobs

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been active here. Hope you're all well.

    I need a part-time Content Manager to maintain the blogs on our network of supplement and nutrition websites, as well as research and write about all the great new categories that will be on the new (which is what I'm busy working on).

    If you enjoy researching, writing, and discussing supplements and nutrition, then you might as well get paid for it!!


    • Native English writing abilities that engage the reader
    • A keen eye and passion in the industry
    • Ability to sell products that are worth selling.
    • Basic familiarity with WordPress and HTML.
    • Familiarity with basic SEO - H2/H3/strong/em/a tags, not overdoing keyword density, setting up meta descriptions and meta keywords (I provide some training and examples)
    • Extremely reliable and able to jump on industry news and have content published within 24 hours.

    Job Description

    • Research: Find things to write about on a near-daily basis. I will often email suggestions or crazy ideas or links that we should discuss.
    • Research: Do some quick research and find legit sources/studies on whatever we're talking about.
    • Writing: Hire bloggers and assign it to them, or write about it yourself. Content must be unique, no copy-paste from around the web. I will check.
    • Editing: Include images, links, video embeds, nice headlines, lists... whatever it takes to make it engaging.
    • Publish it in WordPress and email me the link.

    Company Philosophies:

    I am typically fun to work with, and will let you be as creative as you want as long as you don't trash the theme of the site.

    My overall philosophy is that diet success is 75% in the kitchen, 20% in the gym, and 5% in supplements -- and I say that as a "supplement sales guy". I love this stuff, but I want readers to eat NATURAL foods, colorful veggies, real fats, and stop eating processed carbs/fats/crap.

    I am also feisty and write with attitude, and welcome you to do the same. If you want to write a brash 1000-word essay ragging on anyone who's ever bought a shakeweight for non-comical reasons, let's do it!

    I am going to aggressively grow this business in 2013, and want you to be part of it.

    Also, if you are a personal trainer or have your own business interests, I am happy to allow you to promote them a little bit as well. We can discuss that.

    There are two ways we can go here.

    I am offering a starting pay for $15/hr for the management and editing duties (not the writing).

    If you want to hire a couple of writers (1 or 2 will do), I plan on a starting pay of $1.75 per 100 words of content. This means a 750-word article will net them a bit over $13. If they can knock out two of these in an hour, then that's over $25/hr. This rate can and will move up if business improves over time.

    At the end of the day, I want to deal with one person (the content manager), and don't care how the assignments get done... just as long as they are done. The content manager is responsible for all final output.

    Look at about 3-4 hours a day. Would love to know when you're available.

    Pay will be via PayPal. Let me know if you need other.

    As a note, we promote a lot of USPLabs products, so if you're not on board with their most popular products, this likely isn't a job for you.


    I am also open to pay for YouTube video reviews. Not sure how to do that yet, but we can discuss.


    E-mail me at - My name is Mike. Send me the following:

    • Your forum username
    • Your "elevator pitch"
    • Any industry experience
    • Your supplement stack of choice
    • Any killer posts you've written here (or on other forums).

    Don't bother sending a resume or file attachments.

    There will be a paid interview... meaning I'll pay you to write an example for me, at the rates above.

    Berto (Mike)
    PricePlow Founder - Supplement Price Comparisons

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    Allright, I got the editor/manager part covered, but would still love more nutrition bloggers.

    WordPress/HTML experience not needed. Just need to be a good researcher and writer.
    PricePlow Founder - Supplement Price Comparisons


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