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Thread: Coach PT 2

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    Problem is people can'tcan't

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Harris View Post
    At the USA or Nationals, sure. But at the local level I have rarely ever seen it so close that if one guy was just a little drier he would have won.
    Which is where I am at lol.

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    Problem is people don't come in shredded two weeks out so most need that extra eye to help them even get two weeks out

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    Iv found an experianced coach usefull to slow me down ...wen in comp prep mode I tend to push my body to far in the name of condition and out working my competition...and as a result come in shredded as fuck but over dieted and's good to have someone there to put ur brakes on for u if u can't see it urself...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Porter View Post
    People freak out...

    People over-think, over complicate, second guess...

    They will also get an ear-full at their gym of people who know jackshit telling them they are "ready"

    OR "be careful bro, dont't wanna peak too soon" -- unfortunately these quotes are from people who see

    veins, and a few striations and think you are the leanest person on earth.

    We all should know -- stage is a different ball game, and I dont know about everyone else, but I favor and value

    sick conditioning over super full losing some crisp, intricate detail.

    I have always done everything myself over 25 something shows, learning, experimenting etc...

    But I tell ya what -- the more I know, and I keep learning daily, the harder it is to see yourself clearly.

    Luckily my Wife is no bullshit straight shooter and will give it to me bluntly and blatantly.

    Hell, I'll probably get Noel's eyes on me when I get close to stage time some time next year.

    People you trust help tremendously.

    This is why I NEVER listen to anyone who isn't in the game - they see abs and think you must be down to 1% bodyfat.
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    I have an ab- I must be ripped! Can't wait til I have TWO abs!

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