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Thread: Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan Centopani View Post
    Brendon Doherty, who many of you know from this forum, was nice enough to spend some time talking me on the phone the other night. You guys should hear HIS story. Talk about full of win. As some of you have probably heard, he was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this year, had over 75% of his liver removed and after recovering from 2 liver surgeries was told that there was still cancer in the remaining portion of his liver and that chemo would essentially be useless. From what I understand, he was basically sent home to die. Long story short, he explained that he made the decision to change his lifestyle by implementing diet changes etc etc. After 5 months of adhering to his protocol, he went in for a cat scan just a few days ago and the doctors were in disbelief because they were unable to find any trace of cancer anywhere in his body! I hope Brendon doesn't mind me speaking about all this but I find it not only incredibly inspirational, but more relevant to all of us than we may realize. I'm so blown away by this guy. Totally awesome
    No shit? I assume this development is in the last few days? That's great to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mini Forklift Ⓥ View Post
    Yeah, I get you. But to kind of back up what I'm saying, there's people that say I'm not fasting because I'm 'eating' fruit and vegetables even though they're in a liquid form. Open to interpretation I guess but I class it as a fast, despite the fact that I'm still consuming carbs in the form of beets, carrots, oranges, kale etc etc.
    It doesn't matter if you eat or drink them. If anything, liquid food spikes up insulin even faster since it's already broken down and there is faster nutrient absorption. If it's any consolation, fructose doesn't really spike insulin. Fruits don't only contain fructose though...

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