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Thread: Valenti Cup Coverage

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    Default Valenti Cup Coverage

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    I will be in the house guest posing reppin the 212"s just 5 wks out from the Olympia (206lbs currently).CAM00181.jpg

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    Good luck to all the pros shooting for the Olympia Qualification
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    Quote Originally Posted by trickdiesel View Post
    I will be in the house guest posing reppin the 212"s just 5 wks out from the Olympia (206lbs currently).CAM00181.jpg
    Looking forward to seeing you perform!

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    Hi everyone! I'm checking in for play-by-play. Show should be getting underway soon!

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    We'll be starting with Men's Physique. They are lining up now.

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    #1 Robin Balogh – "Youngest Hungarian Pro" – Very handsome, angular features. Seems very comfortable on stage. Great conditioning.

    #2 David Breaux – Pro card from Master’s Nationals this year. If his name didn’t give it away, he’s from Louisiana. Geat physique. Would love him to relax a bit in back pose

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    #3 Justin Busiere - Got Pro card at North Americas last year. Has only competed in 2 other pro shows.

    #4 Craig Capurso - Veteran competitor, always comfortable on stage, gets all the details right, he is currently 6th in the Olympia points standings (tied with Vicent Fiore, who is also competing). Very comfortable on stage. Very muscular - looks great

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    5 Wayne Chambers – from Ontario – First Pro show. Looked good

    #6 Chad Crouse – Pro debut. Complete physique. Seemd a bit nervous.

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    #7 Vincent Fiore – 6th in the Olympia points standings (tied with Capurso). Tiny waist, boyish good looks.

    #8 David Gonzales – Great smile. Posing has improved a lot. Great look.

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    #9 Sheridan Hause – He calls himself “The Showstopper”…guess we’ll see if the judges agree. Looks great.

    #10 Jim Holcomb – From Orlando. This is his pro debut. Got his pro card at Master’s Nationals. Looks good could be a bit tighter.

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    #11 Julian Jean – Pro debut. Won overall at Team U. Great look. Complete package.

    #12 Cory Lagasse – He has a great body. Feel like some adjustments to his posing could help him showcase his physique…especially to the back.

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    #13 Tyler Larson Great look. Very handsome. Could have been a little fuller.

    #14 Stephen Mass – 5th in the Olympia points standings.

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    #15 Steve Mousharbash – 8th in the Olympia points standings. His has very carefully coiffed hair. Very well developed, balanced body and smooth posing.

    #16 Capriese Murray – Earned his pro card in 2004 in Bodybuilding. Stop competing for a number of year. Entered his first Physique show a few weeks ago at the Europa Supershow and got 4th.

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    #17 German Pacheco – Pro debut. did a good job

    #18 Geobanny Paula – Interesting posing. He def has fun. Could have been a litte tighter

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    #19 Jason Poston – currently 3rd in the Olympia points standings. He’s a very handsome guy with killer body. Tan may have been a little dark.

    #20 Joshua Reid – Great skin tone. Great body!

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    #21 Sean Sepera – Another Canadian athlete. Great balance to physique. Everything flows together. Great posing.

    #22 Jeff Seid – 8th in the Olympia points standings (tied with Mousharbash). Seemed a little nervous but looked good.

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