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Thread: Took bad advice about a cycle...I have a Post Cycle question

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    Default Took bad advice about a cycle...I have a Post Cycle question

    For my last competition, I took the advice of a "friend" regarding a cycle. More importantly once I was finished, I was told just take some Clomid and Nolvadex and you'll be fine. Well, did those for about a month, then was told to go back on. This time I was Test Prop and Tren Acetate for about 6 weeks, then went to a blend of Test Prop/Masteron/Tren Acetate for a few weeks, then was just sick of being on, so I wanted to come off. Following the same advice I ordered the only form of post cycle I could find, which was a peptide form of Clomid and Nolvadex. Did those for about a month and stopped, and came off everything and still just didn't feel right. About a month or two went by until I could get a contact for HCG and Nolvadex tabs...which I then did for a month or so. I figured ok, I should be fine now...this is what I've always used, so I should be good. Well I've been done that for about a month and still don't feel right.

    I know I've been on/off on/off way too much and really fucked up my body. I do not have gyno, so that's good. But I'm curious what to do now? Should I go back on HCG? Or can I go maybe get an over the counter AI, some tribulus, Zinc and DHEA? WOuld that help to raise my natural levels?

    I'm really desperate, I don't know what to do.....I know I've been an idiot, so please don't point out the obvious lol. I just would like to know whats my best option.

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    not with the body i used to have...


    Way to go On answering this one "doc"...... Hahaha

    I'm sure you dont post here anymore but you would have got the answer in a timely maner in The chem section bro.


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