BlackStone Labs ~ 6 Week Ultimate Cut Stack

The listed protocol is ideal for adding dry lean gains while shredding bodyfat. Beach season is just around the corner & it's time to get rid of the winter bulk.

Super-Trenabol ~ Weeks 1-6 @ 4Caps Each Day (AM & PM Split Dosing)
PCT4 ~ Weeks 1-6 @ 2Caps Each Day (AM & PM Split Dosing)
Gear Support ~ Weeks 1-6 @ 2Caps Each Day (AM Dosing)

Clomiphene ~ Weeks 7-10 @ 2ml (=50mg) Each Day (AM Dosing)
Gear Support ~ Weeks 7-10 @ 2Caps Each Day (AM Dosing)
Eradicate ~ Weeks 11-14 @ 3Caps Each Day (Morning, Noon & Night Split Dosing)

Remember to always stay hydrated @ 1.5gals e/d & no alcohol while on cycle!!!

Products Needed;
2x Super-Trenabol
2x PCT4
2x Gear Support
1x Eradicate
1x Clomiphene

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