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Thread: Competing With Type II Diabetes

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    Default Competing With Type II Diabetes

    Competing with Type II Diabetes
    Is it possible to compete in the NPC with Type II Diabetes?
    5 years ago I was diagnosed with a Type II Diabetes. I did use HGH months prior to the diagnosis and feel surely this is what caused it. I did not use insulin at the time, but have to use it now. My numbers are all over the place, A1C is 10. I try so hard to do the right things, but no change. Very frustrating. I started competing in 1980 and have done over 50 shows. Half dozen of those were with the AAU Association in the early 80's. My last show was in 2009 and the diabetes was getting to me then. I really need some guidance. My endocrinologist is shit. Not helpful one bit, except for the prescribed medications. I really want to compete many more times.

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    No doubt man.

    I believe Anth Bailes is a type 1 diabetic and is a pro.


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