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Thread: Winny+T3+Clen+Masteron Cycle,NEED PCT ADVICE ??

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    Lightbulb Winny+T3+Clen+Masteron Cycle,NEED PCT ADVICE ??

    Winny+T3+Clen+Masteron Cycle,NEED PCT ADVICE

    I completed 7 weeks of the above cycle,now i am on my 8th week.My current status is
    Age 24
    Weight 166 pounds
    Hieght 5.10''
    Body type Ecto Endo combination

    i have added my before and after pic.please check it out

    Winny 50mg everyday
    Masteron 100 mg EOD
    T3 80mg everyday
    Clen 80 mg everyday 2 weeks on/2 weeks off

    My DIET is

    VPX ZERO CARB Protein shake 5 times,20-30 egg whites,200g wheat bread,4 apples and 4 litres water (this is what i ate in my one day)
    3 day split weight training workout with 30 minutes cardio everyday

    I am aiming to maintain this weight and want to be muscular .Currently i dropped 12 pounds.Reduced waist size from 36 to 31".my current bf% 12(approx.) i want to lowr it to 9%.

    and also i want to do PCT.But dont know what to use.Please help me.After this cycle what should i need to follow?Also how long should i wait to start another cycle(cutting or bulking)?

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    Relying way too much on protein shakes. Where's the real food? And some test would have helped that cycle


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