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Thread: PBW: It's September...and the "OLYMPIA PREVIEW SERIES" Has Begun!! (Part 1 - Listen Now)

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    Default PBW: It's September...and the "OLYMPIA PREVIEW SERIES" Has Begun!! (Part 1 - Listen Now)

    Listen Now!

    PBW Presents “THE OLYMPIA PREVIEW SERIES” - Part 1 (Listen Now)

    This week marks the start of “Olympia Month” and the annual
    Olympia Preview Series. In Part 1 (of a 3 part series) we’ll begin previewing the contest and debating a range of topics; Is this Kai’s last chance? Is Flex Lewis outgrowing the 212? In an Olympia lineup, Is Big Ramy really that BIG?? -- Tune in for the start of our Olympia coverage as we countdown to the 50th edition of Joe’s contest.

    Topics? Post the storylines that’s you’re following, right here!

    Presented by the MD STORE, the 10th annual “Olympia Preview Series” on PBW is Available NOW:

    More info at

    ** Technical Issues have been resolved: For those who were having problems with the broadcasts on certain browsers, we've resolved the issue! Thanks for making us aware of it.

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    I Look for Dennis wolf to come in second and maybe challenge Phil!

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    That's not even funny, if you know that Phil will be 1st in advance . Hope Big Ramy or Shawn rhoden or other guy come in crazy condition and shape to challenge phi and even beat him. (Even if I like Phil as a bodybuilder and a person).

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    Hope 2015 Olympia will be more unknown. Such as an Enormous Cedric Mc Millan Ultra shredded, or an Evan Centopani FULLBLOWN mode, bigger than Dorian and in crazy condition ! And beat everybody


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