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Thread: PBW: "OLYMPIA PREVIEW SERIES - PART 2" - Dan, Chick, Chad & Hany Rambod (Listen Now)

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    Default PBW: "OLYMPIA PREVIEW SERIES - PART 2" - Dan, Chick, Chad & Hany Rambod (Listen Now)

    Listen Now!

    PBW: “OLYMPIA PREVIEW - PART 2” – Dan, Chick, Chad & Rambod (Listen Now)

    The Olympia Preview Series continues this week with Part 2 of the Vegas preview. Hany Rambod stops by to discuss Phil Heath’s 2014 strategy, his future, and the new realities of preparing a Mr. Olympia champion (Rambod has handled the prep of every Olympia champ since 2009). How much further can Phil’s physique go?? Chick & Chad also join in on the discussion. -- Tune in for the continuation of our Olympia coverage as Phil looks to become just the 6th man to win the Mr. Olympia contest 4 or more times.

    Topics? Send us the storylines that’s you’refollowing!

    Presented by the MD STORE, Part 2 of the 10th annual “Olympia Preview Series” is
    Available NOW
    "On-Demand" at: (Courtesy of the MD Store)

    More info at

    ** Technical Issues have been resolved: For those who were having problems with the broadcasts, we have resolved the issue! Thanks for making us aware of it.

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    Good show guys. 2 years ago people were saying Kai could have won and now nobody is giving Kai a shot in hell.
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