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Thread: David Dearth--Rock & Roll Wild Child

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    Default David Dearth--Rock & Roll Wild Child

    Not doing too good

    "This will be my 29th surgery during my career. 11 just on my knees. I took the whole "go hard or go home" thing to the extreme. I love to train and I love to train as hard as humanly possible. I read on Facebook people saying they train all out every workout all the time. Few do but most do not have a clue. Anyone who knows me or has trained with me will vouch for my intensity/insanity.
    My whole life all I've heard is "someday you're going to have to pay big consequences for the insane way you're living your life.
    They were right"
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    looked at that thread, wtf happened, massive infection, bad enough to knock him down for months, really sad to see, I sincerely hope he recovers somehow, the medical industry in this country has some serious issues.

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    I wish him well but to all the fucking stupid hardcore go hard or go home look at your future and KNOW that guys like LEE HANEY 8 TIME MR O is doing just fine and looks fantastic and didnt train balls to the wall like an idiot.

    Stimulate dont Annihilate

    Train Smarter not Harder
    "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"

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    Quadruple bypass surgery... saw it on facebook last week.


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