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Thread: MD clothing available....When?????

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    Default MD clothing available....When?????

    Hey David any word on when some MD hoodies, shirts, hats, etc will be made available and where to get it? Assuming MD Store.

    Stuff you guys are wearing looks great and want to get my hands on some to represent up here in Winnipeg MB Canada!

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    I have a MD shirt... it sucks though, it's the same as the free shirts you get from supp shops for buying the protein deal of the week or whatever.

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    I'm hoping they don't get those heavy cotton shitty fitting stuff. If they fit across shoulders, arms and chest the shirt body just hangs straight down like a set of drapes. I'm wishing for the ones David's been wearing this year during interviews. The are definitely soft material and it would be cool to have them in a slight taper fit just so there wide to fit the top and taper a bit to the waist.


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