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Thread: Choosing posing suit

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    Default Choosing posing suit

    How do I choose a suitable posing suit for competition? There's so many varieties these days and the cuttings can be as skimpy as a thong.

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    You're going to have a trial and error process. No two suit companies or cuts will be the same.

    I've ordered a few and chalked them up as a loss when they arrived. I also found one suit I really liked and ordered a couple, moving into the next size.

    The best stock suit I ever ordered was a "french cut".

    Now what I have done for many years is have my suits custom made. If you have an existing suit you can take in with you they can get a basic pattern cut and alter it how you like. So if you order a suit, and you like the cut but you want the butt smaller or bigger, take the suit in, and show then what you want. Once you get your first custom suit, you can take that suit to anyone and they can cut the same pattern again and again. Its not that expensive in comparison to a stock suit, and it will make a big difference.

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    Have a girl to pick it for you and go with the one she picks, trust me.
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