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Thread: How Exercise Changes Our DNA

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    Default How Exercise Changes Our DNA

    Interesting article in today's NYT-Online related to exercise and DNA changes.

    How Exercise Changes Our DNA
    By Gretchen Reynolds
    December 17, 2014 12:01 am

    Scientists know that certain genes become active or quieter as a result of exercise. But they hadn’t understood how those genes know how to respond to exercise.

    Enter epigenetics, a process by which the operation of genes is changed, but not the DNA itself. Epigenetic changes occur on the outside of the gene, mainly through a process called methylation. In methylation, clusters of atoms, called methyl groups, attach to the outside of a gene like microscopic mollusks and make the gene more or less able to receive and respond to biochemical signals from the body.

    Far less has been known about exercise and methylation. A few small studies have found that a single bout of exercise leads to immediate changes in the methylation patterns of certain genes in muscle cells. But whether longer-term, regular physical training affects methylation, or how it does, has been unclear.

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    Wow, pretty cool stuff there! I need to do more research into this.


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