Well heres some stats: 22year old competitive BBer been training for 7 years, and utilizing PED's for 2. I'm 5'7.5" 205 @ 10% BF.

Just came off of a 250mg/week Test Cyp + 20mg Var + 50mg Proviron Re-comping 5 week CRUISE after my post contest "off" cycle + Small rebound.

So my cycle will be as follows:

12 week cycle of:
Anadrol @ 50mg/ED (weeks 1-4)
Test C @ 500mg/wk
EQ @ 700mg/wk
NPP @ 300mg/wk
Caber @ .5-1mg/wk
Aromasin @ 12.5mg/EOD
HGH @ 5iu-s 5 days per week
Humalin-R @ 8-10iu's Pre-workout (Week body part days (3 days per week)) - This will be my second run with slin

Followed by a cruise w/250mg Test + Proviron for 6 weeks then into my contest prep I go!

My current training split is: Mon- Quads, Tue- Chest/Shoulders, Wed- Hams/Arms, Thu-REST, Fri- Quads, Sat- Back, Sun-REST

My diet WITHOUT extreme detail revealed is as follows: appx 3900cals w/ 330 PRO - 450 CHO - 90 FAT

Upon Awakening: 2.5iu HGH + Grapefruit

--Fasted 25min Cardio on treadmill-- (5 days per week)

Meal 1: 1 cup Egg whites + 2 whole eggs + 1TBSP Healthy fats

Meal 2: 6oz Protein + Veggies + 1TBPS Healthy Fats

-Supplements (in between meals): 1 serv. EAAs + 10g Glutamine

Meal 3: 25g Iso Protein + cup Dry Oats

Meal 4 (1 hour pre workout): 6oz Protein + 8oz Complex Carbs

*(30mins Pre workout) 8ius Insulin + Pre wrkt Formula

*(Immediately Pre wrkt) Simple Carbs

*(Intra-workout) HBCD (45g Carbs + EAAs) + 10g Creatine + 10g Glutamine + 1 scoop Gatorade + 25g Hydro whey

*(Immediately Post workout) 50g time release Protein + Apple sauce

Meal 5 (30 mins post workout): 6oz Protein + cup Carbs

Meal 6: 6oz Protein + 8oz Complex Carbs

Meal 7 (Shake): 25g Protein shake + 1 cup Complex Carbs


Liquid Pharm grade fish oil
Multi Vitamin
Digestive Enzymes
iso/casein blend Pro