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Thread: PBW Radio Set to Begin 11th Year...Bill Romanowski Visits (Monday)

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    Default PBW Radio Set to Begin 11th Year...Bill Romanowski Visits (Monday)

    2015 Season Premiere Broadcast

    PBW Radio Set to Begin 11th Year…Bill Romanowski Visits!

    A bodybuilding tradition continues on Monday night when PBW radio returns for its 11th year. The 2015 season premiere episode sets the table for a Men’s pro schedule that begins in just a few short weeks with Dexter’s bid for a record-breaking win. Plenty of gossip and industry scoop to report as bodybuilding talk radio kicks off another year.

    4-time Superbowl champ Bill Romanowski also stops by to blow off some steam on a number of topics……including one coach’s decision to throw the football with a Superbowl title only inches away. Widely regarded as the most opinionated man in sports, Romanowski successfully transitioned from the NFL to the supplement industry a few years ago. – Show will be available on Monday beginning at 8pm ET.

    New episode can be accessed on Monday night at MD’s PBW Player:

    Courtesy of Advanced Molecular Labs

    More info at

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    Cool. Glad you guys are back. Romanowski is a badass. Heard him on Jim Rome last week. How's his supp line doing?
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    PBW is back just in tie for an Arnold Preview!

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    Nice to be back. I heard Bill Romanowski on Jim Rome last week and I just had to get him booked on PBW. He was great! The dude has seen it all. 4 Superbowl rings…..and a big part of the supplement industry from his days with the Broncos, working with Bill Phillips and the EAS crew, Victor Conte and Balco….and now he’s got his own line. He was great on the show. Calling for the firing of the Seahawks offensive coordinator, Romanowski doesn’t mince words. – We upgraded the PBW player here on the MD site. Should be easier for you guys to listen: - The new show has been posted.


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