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Thread: IPF World champion fails drug test

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    Default IPF World champion fails drug test

    from Brett's facebook


    I have just officially heard that the person standing in gold medal position, the person to deny my first open world championship (Jose Castillo) has failed his drug test (for the 2nd time) for a drug called Stanazolol (or something).

    This now means he faces a ban of 8 years or potentially life time ban and will be stripped of the title meaning that I am actually the world champion open men's 83kg 2015! I was even drug tested that day and I didn't even win.

    To be honest I always was suspect for him but never showed any disrespect to him on the platform or after the event. That's me up their in 2nd place with a smile on my face knowing that I've been doing this clean since Day 1 and I risked it all that day to either win or not!

    Whilst it doesn't feel like I am now the world champ as I settled and reflected back on the meet as a 2nd place, it will go down in the books as a win!

    Never the less I'll be back stronger and a better lifter and know I'll always be clean!

    And thanks to everyone , my support crew! The team at Wai Weight Private Gym , NZPF and the crew who helped on the day!

    SBD, Geoff Masters and Gymeez my sponsors 2015

    Please share this status it would mean a lot to spread the word of the cheats that take away from others accomplishments !"
    Lance Armstrong is a winner.
    Chael Sonnen to be next president.

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    Congrats to him for respecting the ethic of his federaition. Shame on Jose Castillo.


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