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Thread: Next MD Cover: Dennis Wolf & Branch Warren

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    Default Next MD Cover: Dennis Wolf & Branch Warren

    Branch Warren and Dennis Wolf are indisputable two of the best bodybuilders of this generation. Between them, they have 14 pro wins including three Arnold Classic titles, and an even 10 top-five finishes at the Mr. Olympia. Branch and Dennis are formidable competitors who have earned international success and iconic status through years of gut-busting workouts, iron-willed determination and never giving up.

    While their physiques may be vastly different in shape and structure, Branch and Dennis do have on thing in common: excellent leg development. In “Double Leg Devastation: Branch and Wolf Talk Big-Wheel Building,” both of these IFBB veterans open up about all things leg training. They agreed on some subjects, and begged to differ on others, proving that there is more than one way to build monster legs.

    Being a 21-year-old and holding your own as a bodybuilder among a stellar lineup of established iron warriors is commendable. That’s par for the course with Cody Montgomery, who has always done the unexpected. That includes winning three Teenage Nationals titles and turning pro at his first open contest – by age 21. This month he takes us through a shoulder workout in “Shoulder Onward: 21-Year-Old Cody Montgomery Is taking His Deadly Delts to the Arnold Classic.”

    At 5’11” and 270 contest-ready pounds, Maxx Charles is an intimidating figure. He strides onstage purposefully, with his face set in stern mode, like a lion on the prowl. There is much more to Maxx Charles than meets the eye, as Peter McGough tells us in “From Mini Charles to Mighty Maxx: The Remarkable Journey of Maxx Charles, From a Dangerous and Deprived Childhood to Olympian Status.”

    Evan Centopani is a rare breed when it comes to arm development. Few bodybuilders ever build a legitimate 20-inch arm. Evan reached that measurement in his college years. Only an elite few have ever stretched the measuring tape with a flexed arm of 23 inches but Evan Centopani has. When it comes to building your bi’s and tri’s, Evan is The Man – and he talks arm training in “Evan’s Top 10 Secrets for Massive Arms! Centopani Shares His Big-Gun Wisdom.”

    Ms. Bikini Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser knows a lot about having all her curves in the right places. This Team Gaspari athlete has seen her popularity soar in the last few years, as a three-time Ms. Bikini Olympia and two-time Arnold Classic Pro Bikini champion. Ashley is a popular cover model and one of the most recognizable and admired faces in the fitness world, and we’re proud to feature her in this month’s Major Distraction in “Ashley’s Secret.”

    Muscular Development is your number-one source for building muscle, and for the latest research and best science to enable you to train smart and effectively. Our team of physicians, industry experts and research scientists has these reports on improving performance this month:

    Fat Attack: “Lose Your Gut: Insulin Control for Incinerating Fat”

    Nutrition Performance: “Lose Your Gut: Top 10 Thermogenic and Brown Fat Activators”

    Supplement Performance – “The Facts of Agmatine Sulfate: A Scientific Review”

    Muscle Growth Update – “The Optimal Timing of Creatine Consumption”

    The M.A.X. Muscle Plan – “Is There a Place for Blood Flow Restriction Training in a Hypertrophy Routine?”

    Testosterone – “Anabolic Steroids: The Right Dose…More Is Not Necessarily Better”

    Bodybuilding Science – “Best Squat Workout for Strength: Heavy Weight Versus Lighter Loads to Failure”

    The rest of the book is packed to the binder as usual-making MD your one-stop, most authoritative source for optimizing muscular development with the latest cutting-edge research on training, nutrition, fat loss, performance-enhancing drugs, muscle growth and bodybuilding science – and exclusive information from the industry experts, insiders and bodybuilding legends who make it all happen. See you next month!
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    Great cover, love the man shorts.

    Confirm what I already know

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    cool cover
    TEAM WOLF!!!

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