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Thread: The Best Legs in Bodybuilding - These Guys are the Wheel Deal

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    Default The Best Legs in Bodybuilding - These Guys are the Wheel Deal

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    I used to enjoy these top 10 (whichever part) pieces in another mag that shall not be mentioned lest my message be censored. Pretty much can't argue with these 5. Branch (pre-injury) and Kai are the standouts for me bc they have the mass and zipper quads. Pac man is known for the quads of course as well but I would switch Erik for Flex Lewis who has since his teens has had amazing leg development to the point he was featured in that same Lord Voldemort publication. Early Jay for sure (toward the end his sweep was down quite a bit), but Jay is retired so maybe we see Ramy whose quads are the biggest in the world right now but lacks quads or Dallas who is growing and improving so fast but already has some of the best calves.

    It's disappointing since Kai won't compete at the O, we likely won't have any pros on the big stage with really massive, complete, separated, and peeled wheels from hip to toe.


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