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Thread: Testosterone Lowdown - The Positives & Negatives

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    Default Testosterone Lowdown - The Positives & Negatives

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    very interesting article/topic. The suggestions given are really sound but at the same time "trivial"; in Italy we would say this is like "discovering hot water", namely something which is obvious or very well known. Yes, I know that many people are not aware of this and probably could care less, but even if you knew there is no escaping the exposure to endocrine disruptive chemicals in the world we live in, or, even worse, air pollution or even electromagnetic waves; these latter are NEVER mentioned, but they could be really damaging (not only testosterone-wise) in our era of smartphones, tablets, and others, everywheres. If there really is one thing which has been PROVED with regards to the effects on the human body, that is non other than the generation of micro-currents in the human body due to Faraday-Neumann-Lenz physics law; let's stop here, I am going off at a tangent.

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