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Thread: pre-contest Libido

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    Default pre-contest Libido

    Haven't posted or really been on boards in about 10 years. Last competed in 2008, doing masters over 40, (I'm 48) this year. What is it that causes the loss in libido? If your supplementing with TEST and were like a crazy goat before starting the diet, why the big drop off? is it Leptin? thyroid? frame of mind? jst being tired? low calories or carbs? or combination of all?

    Also, anything new in the fat burner realm? Thanks in advance for input..

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    IMO for me it was the low calories and being tired as hell and just not having the desire to want to fuck lol. I was just too tired and hungry haha. Now if we are talking too tired to get five guys than i cant chime in haha.
    "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"

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    I heard that! just seems strange with the huge drop off just a week into it...I didn't know if it was a sign that something was "off" and I needed to make some sort of adjustment. Thanks man


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