Hey all,

I have done a bit of looking around on the net and there is plenty of info around either; for or against Winstrol only cycles.
My initial plan was to use it by itself for 6 weeks at 30mg per day. As this is a UGL I wasn't going to pin, but take it orally - obviously increasing the impact it has on the liver.
I'm not an experienced guy, however upon reading stuff online I am considering buying a test and running a low dose just to ensure my levels don't completely drop out. What is better, Sust, Enanthate or something else? Also, at 30mg p day is it absolutely necessary to use a test as well? I ask because most beginners recommendations are 50mg p day for 6 weeks.

Also, I have got some Liv52 from Himalaya to try and negate some liver toxicity but is there anything else you guys have used that helps protect the liver?