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Thread: Aaron Hernandez found dead

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    Well said E.C.While I have no interest in reading media's reports of some letter,indeed at least to me they are most definety not an authority figure that they the media portray's themselves to be to these ears anyway.In all likelyhood sounds like he was a great foot ball player but probably made some bad youthfull decisions on who and what he was surounding himself with violence wise,but nice to hear said daughter will be taken care of albeit without her dad.RIP to him and the Victims.

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    Whatever the Star Ledger reports about him is beyond me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegoon View Post
    I doubt it was murder. After beating the double murder case he is appealing his murder conviction. There is a loop hole in Massachusetts law stating that if a person dies while appealing a case it is overturned. So as of now Hernandez is not a convicted murder. Hence he was never in breech of his NFL contract , as of now the Patriots owe his family the balance of the money
    Patriots are not bound by that MA obscure law. Hernandez’s contract was voided 90 minutes after his arrest based on “conduct unbecoming,” not on his conviction. Kraft is no idiot and won't be paying 15m and thus far has refused to pay him or his estate anything including his base of 2.5m. The 3m signing bonus will be their toughest battle but they will make his estate fight hard for that money.

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