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Thread: Gerald William's Post-Win Interview | IFBB California Pro 2017

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    Default Gerald William's Post-Win Interview | IFBB California Pro 2017

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    Won his Pro Card at North Americans in 2015

    He Looked great, by far the most conditioned with amazing shape

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    He is my old training partner out of Oakland CA. I have seen a lot of pros train and I honestly think Gerald is the most intense trainer or among the most intense of any bodybuilder out there. Def puked and checked out mentally training with him. He also attended CAL Berkeley for his undergrad and grad school. One hell of a guy if you ask me.

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    As Manhands stated, Gerald is a really good guy and embodies everything that the sport needs as far as someone being the non stereotypical bodybuilder. We met at Jr. Nat's in 2007 . He had won the Collegiate Championships already and was still attending Morehouse College in Atlanta. We have been the best of friends since and he's actually more like a brother to me. He doesn't talk about his past at all, but G lost both his parents right out of college, and was mature and intelligent enough to continue his father's real estate business while returning back to Oakland and earning his Master's degree at Cal Berkeley. Unlike many of us, and I include myself, this dude doesn't own a pair of Jordans. This guy was buying property to remodel and rent out at like 25 years old. Respect and I'm proud of him. He's paid his dues and never lost track of his goals within and outside of bodybuilding.

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    Could we have more voices amplified in the background, please? I was almost able to hear what he was saying.

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