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Thread: Blood work help

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    Default Blood work help

    Hello. It's been a long time since I've made a post in this forum. It looks dead. I hope some of the experienced guys still stop through because I need some advice.

    I had previously abused gear for several years and have now started getting TRT from a clinic at age 30. So now I am actually able to get bloodwork which was previously unavailable to me. I have been on .5cc every 3 days. My medication is a mix of Testosterone Cypionate and propionate, with a concentration of 220mg/ml. On trt for 6 weeks now I believe
    Problem: Recent bloodwork shows that my Estrogen is low at less than 5pg/mL and my prolactin is high, 16.6ng.

    I'm sure the estrogen is tanked from heavy use of AIs. Without bloodwork I was playing a guessing game and thought my gyno was due to estrogen and hammered on Aromasin and even Letrozol

    Does anyone have advice on how to handle this, preferably from experience? Should I lower my prolactin? Can I raise my Estradiol somehow? Should I do nothing and wait for things to normalize?

    I am awaiting my appointment to discuss the results but am getting anxious.

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    After doing some further research I will try vitamins B6 and E for the prolactin and just let the estradiol creep up on it's own.


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