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Thread: S4 Log

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    Default S4 Log

    I wasn't sure about running S4 on it's on, but they asked if I would give it a try and I am.
    It comes at a good time. I have been sort of off season for about 6 months now. Just bought a new house and changed jobs, so I've just been getting in workouts when I can.

    I plan on slowly ramping up the dosage, since it seems that some people are very sensitive to this SARM.
    I have been back eating clean since Monday. i know that's only 2 days, but you have to start somewhere. I dont weigh myself so I have no idea where I am. I will get a pic or 2 uploaded this week.

    I am splitting the dose into AM and PM. Day 1 - 3 10mg/ 10mg. Day 4-5 20mg/ 20mg. And I'll see how it goes from here.

    Last night I was soo hungry, not sure if the S4 has anything to do with it, but I ate some junk. Rest of the week will be good. This weekend is my birthday, so a couple more cheat meals and then on track for the next 5 weeks straight.

    Goal is shredded.

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    All the best running this man!

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    So last week I ran about 20-25mg a day for the first 5 days in a row. I did have very little sun sensitivity, but not enough to really notice. i could just be me getting out into this bright hot sun.

    My diet was not amazing this past week. My folks were visiting for my birthday and we did a big remodel on my house. Patched a door. Added a door. Re-wired and dry-walled.

    I did feel some extra stamina through my workouts. Typically my muscles fill with blood and I get a little pumped out during my workout, but this past week I had great workouts pushing right through the pump. Can't wait for this week.

    Dieting is getting strict and hitting it hard.

    Stay tuned for pics.

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    Glad it is working for you! There is a new bottle coming, and hopefully this one will not have any crystallization.
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    Alright. Just got a replacement bottle in the mail and started it with 25mg tonight. I'll be working out in the a.m. and I'm sure I'll be running on full cylinders in a week or so. IMG_2651.jpg

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    So far so good. I do seem to be sweating a lot more in the gym this week than normal. I am def leaning out more and more. I'll update with pics this weekend


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