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Thread: NelsonMuntz Training Journey

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    Great journal and cool pics.
    Thats a serious leg press! LOL We had a hack squat that was HEAVY! Most I ever managed was 4 plates a side for 8 reps I think. Some others I used to go 7-8 plates.
    4-6-13 100% RAW Powerlifting/ALL RAW Powerlifting
    Open 242 (weighed 235) 534.6/385.8/644.8 T = 1565.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjoe View Post
    Great journal and cool pics.
    Thats a serious leg press! LOL We had a hack squat that was HEAVY! Most I ever managed was 4 plates a side for 8 reps I think. Some others I used to go 7-8 plates.
    Yeah it is.

    I am at a different place for now, and started back again saturday. This year has been a challenge since the end of january for whatever reason.

    Anyways I will start documenting them again starting with today's workout when I get back. Off work today so going now.

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    Tuesday Nov 7 , 2017

    Chest shoulders, triceps abs
    Did not go heavy just 3-4 sets of each of around 12-15 reps, starting super light and working up except triceps dips on Paralell bars I could not do one lol, so I just got into the top position and did holds while lowering slowly. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can start doing some chest/tricpes dips and the various chins again
    Incline Machine press
    Incline Db Flyes
    db bench press
    db pullovers across bench
    side db raises
    rear delt machine
    seated machine press
    dips(holds on parallel bar
    incline db extension
    one arm rev pushdown
    hang leg raise
    lying leg raise(small swiss ball between legs
    swiss ball crunches

    Going to do a 3 way split until my strength, intensity, rest periods are where I want them and my recovery needs increase, from that point I will go to a 4 way or 5 way split

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    Wed Nov 8, 2017
    Legs, calves
    A couple photos of some of the old school equipment of where I am temporarily

    very old piece of leg press that can be converted to hack squat plus an ancient hyperextension bench

    Hav not tried the hyper yet(tomorrow) but that leg press is something else, basically the kind in which whatever weight you have on there, multiply how it really feells by 2/2 and a half. Not the kind of machine you load up 4-5 pltes per side and do 15-20 reps lol

    anyways my workout was as follows

    Gregg Presses 4x70,40,25, then 13 slow positives followed by 5 fast full reps. My first leg workout in a while, first time on this fred flinstone contraption and first time trying greggs workout so I did not use alot of weight and doing full reps I did not half to, example used the stopwatch on my phone and the first set of 70 took almost 2 and a half minutes and those were non stop reps so the tempo was around 1 sec up, 1 sec down for the most part. and full reps, not this partial cuntface stuff I see everyone doing.

    Standing calf 3x25 bodyweight just slow up and down with a squaeeze and flex at top
    seated calf 3x20-25(this machine is wayy older than me)
    front calf 3 x25 holding at top

    legs took like just under 20 minutes, calves took another 15 ish

    my legs are sore just typing this

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    Great old school equipment. Looks like a great place to train & down to earth. Good luck on your journey !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donny View Post
    Great old school equipment. Looks like a great place to train & down to earth. Good luck on your journey !
    Thank you.

    tried that old hyperextension today, if you are not placed right you will crush your balls

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    Ok thursday november 9 2017

    back, traps, low back, biceps forearms

    again like the other days just working my way back up did progressive sets of 12-15 unless otherwise stated
    wide front pulldowns 3 sets
    v bar close grip pulldowns 3 sets
    db one arm row old school style off bench hold at top and bottom 3 sets
    machine shrugs(one of those adjustable bench to shoulder press set ups life fitness I believe will take photo tomorrow) 3 sets
    hyperextension 3 sets- bodyweight only
    rope face pulls(to forehead) 3 sets
    incline db 3 sets
    ez bar curl 3 sets
    pulldown 2 arm curls 3 sets (sit at a pulldown machine with a short bar/ close grip curl it from overhead to back of neck)
    reverse wrist curl off preacher bench 3 sets(put you elbows on top of preacher with arms out off bench parallel to floor, really puts the forarms in a cool position to contract)

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    Oh just to note, I am sore as fuck from doing gregg's leg press routine and being it was the first one it was neither heavy nor the kind of intensity/point of failure compared to what I will be able to do 1-2-3 months from now.

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    this is the multi press I was doing the shrugs off

    I am going to use this thing to substitute barbell flat and incline, as it can be used for both, as well as having in the various db presses through different workouts

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    Friday November 11, 2017
    Chest shoulders triceps, abs
    all done for light sets of 12-15
    Flat machine press 3 sets
    incline db press 3 sets
    incline db pullovers 3 sets
    machine flyes(seat set to bottom) 3 sets
    seated db press 3 sets
    bent db raises 3 sets
    lying side db raise(on sit up bench) 3 sets
    rope pressdowns 3 sets
    low pulley rop extensions 3 sets
    jm presses 3 sets
    hang leg raise 3 sets
    lying leg raise(swiss ball between legs 2 sets
    swiss ball crunch 2 sets

    getting to that point where I just want to do one major part a day again with more concentration, intensity etc put into one part plus a small part like abs, calves, forearms or traps. Right now I am just going through the motions getting a feel for everything again, I feel refreshed when I finish but that yearning is coming back so that is a good thing

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    Saturday November 11, 2017

    One leg curl 5x12 light(no rest just back and forth between legs)
    one leg extnsion 5x12 light(no rest just back and forth between legs
    Gregg Presses 4 sets 1x70, 1x40, 1x25, 1x12(slow positives) plus 8 reps fast to finish

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    Subday November 12, 2017
    Chest, calves, abs
    Machine Incline progressive warm ups then 5x12 same weight
    flat db flyes warm up then 5x12 same weight
    flat db bench 1 warm up then 5x12 same weight
    incline db pullovers 1 warm up then 5x12 same weight
    i arm machine flyes 1 warmup then 5x12 same weight no rest just back and forth
    2 flye machines, used the first one on left for the one arm flyes, the one on right will be used next time for 2 arm machine flyes

    toe press on leg press warm ups then 5x12(nice and slow witrh contraction hold at top)
    free heel raises 5xamp supersetted with front tibia raises(hold at top) back and forth no rest
    lying leg raise(swiss ball between legs 3 setsx amp, swiss ball crunches 3 sets x amp, hyperextension 2 sets x amp(gym closes at 330, thats it)

    Basically on most moves I rested between 30-45 seconds. I missed training like that with moderate weights, low rest, etc. And over time in the past I was able to work up to some pretty decent poundages for mutiple sets of xyz rep range I chose with the same weight for mutli sets with not alot of rest. Plus the pump is awesome. When I can do the same reps with xyz weight for all sets then I increase it the next time I do that movement. If not stays the same. The weights are still pretty light for my own standards but being I am not back long they do become laughably challenging all things considered by the thrid to fourth sets of most movements. That being said I completed all sets and reps with the respective weights today
    I just noticed that the dumbells only go up to 80lbs each at this gym, so since I will be here at least a bit it will be a while before I can complete 5 sets of 12 on presses with 80 lbs dumbells lol

    Anyways I am glad to be back. Next workout is Back, traps and forearms

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    Monday November 13, 2017 Back traps forearms
    all sets and reps done post warm ups same weight each set
    close grip pulldown(small v bar) 5x12
    stand wide pulls to upper chest 5x12(done at pulldown station, standard pulldown bar hands at each end of bar)
    close grip stiff arm pulldown(kneeling) 5x12
    incline bench rows(medium pronated grip) 5x12
    meadow rows 5x12(used with bar from incline row bench machine above)
    low pulley rope rows 5x12
    rope face pulls(to just above forehead) 5x12
    machine shrugs(on flat universal type bench shown a few posts up) 5x12(wide grip)
    reverse ez bar curls(fixed weight bar) 5x12
    stand wrist curl behind back(fixed straight bar) 5x12


    Rant over

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    Tuesday November 14, 2017...shoulders calves

    seated calf, 1x100(all full reps), 1x75(all full reps), 1x50(all full reps) 1x25(slow fucking full reps)
    rear delt machine(arms are a little above shoulder level, hits rear delts better in my opinion) 1x80(all full reps), 1x40(AFR), 1x25(AFR), 1x as many possible slow full reps followed by a bunch of partials to failure), believe I got 12 slow)
    side db raise 1x70(full reps), 1x40(full reps), 1x25(full reps), 1x10 slow full reps followed by a bunch of partials to failure
    all sets above including calves I started light and add weight on each set, rested about a minute between all sets
    seated machine press 1 warmup, 3x12(very light and slow as I could barely lift my arms above my head I had such a good pump)

    I am going to do this with all bodyparts every other round I do them, and more conventional sets reps like the past couple days on the other times

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    wednesday Novemer 15, took the day off

    Thursday November 16, 2017 did arms nothing special because I had a cold that day from getting caught in the rain the day before

    Friday November 17, 2017- Legs
    Conventional leg workout nothing special, I think I am going to split quad and hamstrings from each other workout wise for a bit

    Saturday off
    tomorrow back for another round, will start recording the weights used as well

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    Sunday november 19, 2017 was just trying out various movements for fun on Sunday, nothing to really report

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    Monday November 20

    Going to start building up my strength and size again. Pretty fucking weak but have to remember this is only the start of the 3rd week

    Split as follows, day(s) off when needed
    1-back traps------------light shoulder movement+few sets each forearms, rotators, neck
    2-chest, abs------------light arm movement+few sets each forearms, rotators, neck
    3-hamstrings calves---light quad movement+few sets each forearms, rotators, neck
    4-shoulders, traps-------light back movement+few sets each forearms, rotators, neck
    5-arms, abs---------------light chest movment+few sets each forearms, rotators, neck
    6-quads,calves-----------light hamstring movement+few sets each forearms, rotators, neck

    all 6-8 reps are done with a slow tempo with a stretch at bottom and contract at top
    10-12 a bit more tempo, than 6-8
    15-20 up and down more pumping style

    Back, traps
    close grip pulldown(v Bar) 4x6-8(60,75,90,105)
    incline bench row 4x6-8(wide grip to upper back)(Machine+10, +25, +35, +40) this machine like the leg press has alot of pull on it which makes it also not the kind of machine you put 2,3,4 45's on and row away on. I call these old style machines "ego busters" lol
    seated reverse grip low rows 4x10-12(40,55,70,85) basically on this machinelifefitnessrow.jpglifefitrnessrow2.jpg
    standing low row with rope 4x10-12(40,60,80,100) I may have broke this calble set up because there was a sign on it 10 minutes later, what a piece of shit, but it worked)
    behind the neck pulldowns 4x20(30-45-60-75)
    db shrugs 4x6-8-hold at top count of 5(20's,30's,40's,45's)
    standing horizontal shrugs on rear delt flye machine-4x10-12(30,45,60,75) basically standing away facing the flye machine, grab the upper part of the handles wide and pull/shrug them back, hold then repeat. oh and set the handles as if you were going to do flyes


    shoulder extra work----incline lying side db raises 8x8 light back and forth until both sides of body done for 8 sets

    rotator, neck(front to back hold hand on front of head with tension, then back of head with tension) and forearms 4x15-20 each
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