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Thread: NelsonMuntz Training Journey

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    Tuesday November 21
    Chest, Abs
    Incline DB Pullover and press(35 degree incline) 4x8- 10(lol), 20, 30, 40---these actually did what I wanted them to do, warmp up my lats, chest shoulders and trcieps for my incline db presses
    Incline Db Press 4x6-8- 20's,30's,40's,50's
    High Incline db flyes (lean back on preacher bench 4x10-12-5's, 10's,15s,20s
    machine flyes 4x10-12-30,45,60,75
    decline db press 4x15-20- 10's(again lol), 15,s, 20s, 20s

    lying leg raise(swiss ball between legs 4 sets
    swiss ball crunches 4 sets
    neck work, forearms, rotaors 4x15-20 each
    close grip ez bar curl superset ez bar overhead extensions 8x8 no rests until all supersets complete

    Long way off from my former strength, was looking at my old journal on here from 2009 and my strength back then was pretty good, for high sets and reps for the most part to boot. Then again back then I had more than 2 weeks back at the gym lol.

    One thing for sure is I feel good before during and after the workouts.

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    Wednesday November 22, 2017

    Hamstring calves
    Lying Leg curl warm up then 4x6-8-30,40,50,60
    stiff leg deadlist(front of feet on 1 inch block 4x6-8-95,115,135,185
    modified standing leg curl(we have 2 leg extension/curl combo machines, basically I face the machine lean foward and use the pad I would normally use for leg extension, I bend forward at the waist a bit to keep the normal leg curl pad off my ass and get as much range of motion as possible 4x10-12-20,30,40
    reverse hyperextenion(face the old school hyper, you can figure it out from there) 4 setsxamp(slow reps)
    Calves toe press 4x70,40,25, then as many possible with a 5 count hold at top of movement flexing as hard as possible followed by burns to failure
    Hack calf raise(the above machine is an old piece of shit leg press/hack combo 4x6-8 adde3d weight each set
    light quads i leg press feet low 8x8 no rest between legs until all sets done
    good girls supersetted with bad girls as Goon calls them 4x6-8 each

    forearms, rotators and neck work 4 sets each

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    Thursday November 23, 2017
    Shoulders, Traps
    Rear Delt Machine 4 sets 1x70(15), 1x40,(30lbs), 1x25(45lbs) 1xas many possible super slow positive and negative then partials to finish(60lbs)
    side db raise 4 sets 1x70(5lbs db) 1x40(8lb db) 1x25(10lb db) 1xas many possible super slow positive and negative then partials to finish(12lb db)
    seated machine press(facing machine) 4x6-8(20,30,50,70)
    machine shrugs(hold each reps at top for count of 5) 4x6-8(30,50,70,90)
    reverse overhead laterals 3x10-12(slow)

    light back-standing cable pulls to upper chest(wide grip, from pulldown cable) 8x8(10 second count between sets)
    forearms, rotators, neck work 4 sets each

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    Friday November 24, 2017

    Going to a mongolian/chinese buffet in abit, slightly higher end so here we go

    Arms, abs
    did the old poliquin arm workout, in the trisets the eccentric is done with a 4 count on the first move, 3 count on the second and 2 count on the third, 5 count between exercises in the triset, then a moment or so rest between trisdets
    first triset reverse ez bar curl/hammer curl/wide grip ex bar preacher 3x6-8 each
    second triset lying bb ext to forehead/ lying bb extension to chin/close grip press 3x6-8 each
    thrid triset incline db curl/incline db hammer curl/ drop weight down and incline db lateral curl 3x6-8
    fourth triset wide grip pushowns/close grip pushdowns/drop weight reverse grip pushdowns 3x6-8 each

    lying leg raise(swiss ball between legs 4 sets
    swiss ball crunches 4 sets

    forearm,neck, rotator work 4 sets each

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    took saturday off

    Sunday November 26, 2017
    quads, calves
    leg extensions 6x5-8- added weight each set rested 10 seconds between sets
    leg curl(elbows up hips up) light 8x8-10 seonds between sets
    Gregg Presses 4x70,40,25, then as many slow postives as possible(lost count) plus 5 fast forced reps)
    My quads are coming back fast with this high rep bullshit
    seated calf(one legged) 4x10-12
    stand bodyweight raise(hold at top for 5 count) superset with front calf/tibia raises(also 5 count hold at top) 2supersets total

    funny thing about these gay ass tibia raises, I remember reading about them in arnold book years ago and did them on and off, fast forward to the mid 90's and I am in toronto at this point and notice the tibia muscles in the front of my calves are always sore like they have been worked out, especially the right one, left one as well when drivind standardwell duh, it was because I was in traffic half the time on the road to see clients, constantly flexing back and forth to press the brake, gas pedal etc.
    It was at that point I learned more about the claves and instead of being my worst bodybpart)and my arms make Ron's look like arnolds) they improved enough to the point that years ago they became a bodypart that stodd out to at least mortals and I could wear shorts finally in the summer after 35 years lol

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    Tuesday November 28, 2017

    Chest, calves abs
    Incline DB press 5x6-8(10's,20s,30s,40s,50s)
    flat machine press (paralell grip) 5x6-8-20.40,60,80,100)
    machine flayes(seat set at lowest point) 4x10-12-30,60,90,120
    incline db pullovers superset with press(I do the pullovers then press in the short upper range for the same reps) 4x10-12 each-(10,20,30,40)-too light
    deceline db flyes 8x12(10 seconds between sets)

    45 toe press 4x70,40,25, then last set 10 reps hold at top count of 5 then 10 partials)- added weight each set
    tibia raises(sit on floor put shoe/foot through single cable handle the 8x12(10 seconds between sets, did one leg all sets, then changed to other leg and did all sets)
    stand free heel raise 8x12(rest between sets 10 second but basically it is a 10 second stretch, even wiuth bodyweight harder than it sounds)
    lying leg raise(swiss ball between legs) 4 sets
    swiss ball crunch 4 sets xamp(thing about these I do them slow with a pause at the bottom and top of reps)
    rotator and neck work 4 sets each

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    I alwasy get a kick out of this guy who has been posting online for years over at get big, he owns a gym in Taiwan, nice guy, in his mid sixties now, still in great shape

    64 years old here
    be cool if he came here and started a thread, I am reading his thread these days and his enthusiasm is infectuous
    coach huang.jpg

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    back at 55 years old squatting

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    wednesday November 29, 2017

    Back, traps
    bent bb rows 5x6-8-45,65,95,115,135
    meadow one arm rows(with olympic bar) 5x6-8-45,55,65,75,85
    seated cable rows(don't have a seated cable row in this centre so I made one(see below) 5x10-1260-100-140-210(stack)
    behind the neck pulldown 4x10-12---45,75,105,135
    pump triste(10 seconds rest between triset) 8x12 each rope face pull to above forehead/stiff arm rope pulls/rope pulls to upper chest all done standing with same weight on old shitty universal cable
    machine shrug(on life fitness flat bench) 4x6-8(hold each rep at top for 5 count) 50-70-90-110
    standing rear delt horiszontal shrugs on rear delt(described last week) 4x10-12-30-60-90-135
    forearms, neck and rotators 4 sets each

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    He would be a great addition here.

    Quote Originally Posted by NelsonMuntz View Post
    I alwasy get a kick out of this guy who has been posting online for years over at get big, he owns a gym in Taiwan, nice guy, in his mid sixties now, still in great shape

    64 years old here
    be cool if he came here and started a thread, I am reading his thread these days and his enthusiasm is infectuous
    coach huang.jpg

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    Yes he would.

    The last few days have sucked training wise, I got a stomach bug or food poisoning and have been a slave to the toilet.

    Kind of ironic I ate all that food last week yet nothing happened.

    Starting to eat normal again without mishaps so I will be back to it tomorrow as I had to cut my workout short on thursday

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    started my split back again last sunday,

    anyways still going to do one bodypart a day but Goon and Ron's new split and experiment made me think to try a bit of an experiment.

    All my bodyparts are coming back up gradually(especially calves ironically my worst bodypart years ago now one of my best if not best lol). My arms however are taking it too slow as usual and I look like a tyronasaurus rex lol. So my split is 1-shoulders,arms 2 back,arms. 3chest, arms, 4 arms, legs, only thing is my arm workout which would usually be 4 exercises each will be 1 exercise each with 4 sets done fast with barely any rest with moderate to light weight depending on the movement. Only going to do this until christmas, see how it goes then maybe a week or 2 more. If it works I will try that on other bodyparts.

    Other thing I have been taking this one medication for depression and anxiety for almost 3 years, plus another one. I used to take 1500 mg and have gradually cut down to 500mg. this med has a nasty side effect, mainly weight gain and distension, not lennyish, but maybe 50%. Funny thing is there was a couple of weeks before I came back to training where I ran out and did not pick it up for a 10 day period, my bloat/distension started going away. back on it almost 5-6 weeks and it is back again. So I don't see the point in taking something that is supposed to help me with depression etc but makes me a blaoted piece of shit and depressed about that. So I am taking it out. I am not suffering the same way I was 3 years ago anyways so BYE FELICIA.

    any ways I thought since this is a journal I would share that in case someone else deals with any of the issues I bring up, not just bad or annoying shit, but good stuff too
    Thursday-shoulders, arms, calves
    standing calf on old hack squat/legpress machine(I adjust the machine to hack and go at it- 2 warm up sets of 15 with the machine, 4x6-8-machine+20, machine+50, machine+75, machine+100, then I did 4x8-15 reps with 15 seconds rest with machine +50. was joking around with a kid about this machine. He was finishing up with one leg presses with machine + 100 and we both l;aughed and called this machine "The Humbler" because you are not going to use 4 plates per side like the new machines which I just shake my head at when people talki about using 10 plates per side, most would not be able to do 2 let alone 3 per side on this machine for 10 full reps
    front calf/tiba raises 2x30- using the low cable attachment put foot through single handle figure it out
    bunch of external and external rotator sets with both dumbells and cable
    seated machine press 6 sets including warmups 15 down to 6 reps -10,20,30,50,70,90, facing machine and bench rest about a minute between sets
    2 dumbell front raise(hammer grip(hold at top for 1 seond squeeze) 1 warm up, 4x15- 5lbs dumbells ------10 seconds rest reps done slow, will add weight next time
    side db raise 1 warm up, 4x15(hold at top for one second)-8lbs db----10 seconds rest reps done slow, will add weight next time
    bent db raise(DONE PROPERLY NONE OF THIS HALF ROW SHIT!) 1 warm up , 4x15 same deal as above
    rear delt machine seat low so arms slightly above paralell but straight at all times 2 warm ups 4x11-15- 45lbs same deal as above
    seated high pulley rope extension(high pully on the pice of shit cable is too low, so I put a chair in front 2 warm ups then 4x15
    rope curls 2 warm ups then 4x15 =10 seconds between sets

    Thing about the low rest sets, as the sets go on if I am failing before my rep target I will rest pause to meet those reps unless impossible which at that point you can see with a couple ie the standing calfs at the end and the rear delts this is what happened at the end.

    My strength on the lower rep stuff and a few other movemtns I pyramid are going up gradulayy though. I beleive a month ago I found it hard to shoulder press the machine with 20-30 lbs and now I do 90 on my last set, on the standing calves the machine +20 was a bitch and so on

    In the end who cares, I love training enough and my ego is at the point in life that even if my bench got up to 200-300 lbs again I could give a fuck, if it feels better at 135 then so be it

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    Friday December 8,2017

    Back, traps, arms
    Incline bench machine rows(want to bent bb but it was taken) 6x15-8-machine,machine, +20,+25, +35, +50 all reps done slow and full with pause at bottom and top
    one arm bb rows 1 warmup then 4x8-15-55lbs no rest just alternate arms until all sets complete
    seated rows on floor like last week 1 warm up, then 4x15-110lbs ----10second rest between sets
    stiff arm pulldowns 1 warmup then 4x15-60lbs 10 seconds between sets
    rope pulldowns 4x15---10 seconds between sets
    traps 8x15-6 machibe shrugs 20,40,60,80,100,120,140,160)
    standing horizontal shrugs facing rear delat machine 4x15- 45lbs 10 second between sets
    incline db curl warmups then 4x15---10 seconds between sets
    incline db extension warmups then 4x15 with 10 seconds between sets

    put in for a 2 week free emembership at a better equipped gym, need a training vacation from this one. not into the old bare bones gyms anymore, I like a nice variety of equipment

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    Training at a different gym the next 2 weeks and more if I decide to join.

    Chest, calves, arms
    45 degree toe press(precor) 2 warm ups then 4x15- same weight hold at top for a second, under 30 seconds rest
    seated calf(hammer) 1 set warmup just the machine then 4x15 with less than 30 seonds
    bunch of internal and external rotators with the cable
    incline db press 6x15-8-all slow reps, rest less than a minute(10,15,20, 30,40,50) I could do more but my left shoulder is building up strength wise slower thanmmy right, this is a journey walk, not a sprint or marathon
    seated machine bench(techno gym) 1 warm up then 4x15 30 seconds or less between sets(hands down the smoothest best chest press machine I have ever used)
    machine flyes(technogym) 1 warm up, 4x15 less than 30 seonds between sets
    db pullover 1 warm up, 4x15 pause at bottom and top 35db
    crossover 4x15
    reverse db curl warm up then 4x15 just rest long enough to complete with one arm, then switch and so on
    standing 2 arm db extensio warmups then 4x15
    forearms 4 sets

    I like this place

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    This is the seated chest press
    Found a video as well even though the guy in the video has his arms placed improperly in my opinion


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    Sunday December 10,2017
    arms, legs
    lying face down incline barbell curl(on incline bench) 4 sets
    1 arm rope pushown 4sets
    Seated leg curl 6x15-8---------15-30-45-60-75-90
    modified syanding leg curl(on leg extension facing machine) 4 sets(alternate legs each set, no rest until all 4 sets done 4x15 to failure(first set got 15 reps after resp fell each set), forgot the weight used
    good girls 5x15-6---10-130lbs add weight each set
    bad girls 5 x15-6----10-130lbs
    leg extensions 6 setsx15-6---10-30-40-50-60-70
    hack squats 2 sets (just wanted to try it out bodymasters model, havent used one of these in 4 years I belive)
    45 degree leg press(precor) 1x100(machine only, feels like 90), correction looked up model on net it weighs 136 without added weight), 1x60( 1 plate per side so 226), 1x40(2 plates per side so 316), 1x total fucking fail because my legs were rubber from the other sets lol, with 3 plates per side so 406lbs, Those 3 prior sets plus the extensions and all the other shit I did including the good/bad girls and curls just pre-exhausted me to the point of no return, with that last set I got like 3 reps before I knew my legs were fried and it was time to stop. I like being sore but I want to be able to train legs again in the next 4-6 days

    anyways good workout

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    Tuesday December 12, 2017

    shoulders, arms,
    bunch of rotator work
    seated dumbell presses 6x15----10db,15db,20db,25db,30db,35db---just nice slow full reps, at 48 I am not jumping up to fast on overheads. I would rather look lift my overhead presses like a pussy, while building my shoulders and keeping them healthy and almost pain free
    incline bent db raise(face down on bench) 2 warm ups then 4x10-15
    high inlcine side db raises(face bench) 1 warm up then 4x15
    one arm side cable raise 4x12-15
    stand rear cables 4x15
    bent over db concentration curls 6x15-6---5db,10db,15db,20db,25db,30db
    ez bar med grip jm presses on floor(I lied on a mat on the floor just under the preacher stirups where the ez bar is I grab the bar where it is curved wide*basically right where you would grab it when doing reverse ez bar curls, I find pressing like this makes it naturally go in the direction that press extension hybrid of JM presses basically goes( 6 sets x15-6----20,40,70,90,110,110---I find 110 on an ez bar, an olympic bar and/or any kind of fixed weight bar, they all feel different depending on the movement
    one arm db hammer curl 1 warm up 4x15
    seated machine dips(atlantis) 2 warm up) 4x15
    8 sets of forearms and a bit of neck work

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