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Thread: Danny Hester Trains Chest with Mickey Rourke - 1 Week Out

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    That is fucking awesome Guy !!

    i agree

    some celebs and richies get the bad wrap

    but some of them are fucking amazing

    Loving, giving , down to earth ; cool fucking human beings man !!!!

    Some of them do care about the rest of us and that's really awesome !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Hungwell View Post
    despit all the surgery's I love Mickey Rourke

    One of my old housemates from 2010 used to work as a waieter in a high end place and he had Mickey and his friends pop in the Toronto place he worked at back 10 years ago and said Mickey was awesome, sat by the fireplace in the restaurant and did not give one fuck about the no smoking laws and smoked one after another there and ordered drinks and offered to pay the $5000 fine if the police showed up.

    I love anyone who has the bucks and power to tell the government laws to go fuck themselves

    I also knew a chick who moved in with my ex after we broke up who worked in a high end place who said Steven Seagal and Burt Reynolds gave her $100 tips for simple meals that cost half as much, so these people might be protrayed as dicks sometimes they really do take care of the " minions" out there and share the wealth

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    I guess some of you guys must also look upto such alphas as Bill Cosby too? Rape? Im rich, I'll do what I respecting other people ��

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    Mickey's looking like he's having a hangover.
    A forum without humor is like a gym without Iron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K A N N I B A L View Post
    I guess some of you guys must also look upto such alphas as Bill Cosby too? Rape? Im rich, I'll do what I respecting other people ��
    jesus for an Aussie I am surprised how much of a snowflake you come across as lol. My post was said in Jest and the Mickey thing came out the exact same time that the law on smoking came out and alot of people who frequented clubs/nightlife here very split on the topic and felt the government were forcing it down everyone's throat

    On a side note you are a hypocrite in your comment because you obviously use steroids in your pic and the last time I checked steriods are illegal where you are and the general public thinks that people like you who have used steroids are just like the comment you just made. Kinda like the same type of comments from some of the other hypcrites in here whining about my Mickey comment who have or currently do break the law themselves in their bodybuilding pursuits.

    And dont anyone try to justify steroids versus cigarettes, because you fucks were commenting on me joking about mickey breaking the law, eepecially since some of you guys who whined break/have broken laws yourself with your ped uses period whether you think the law is bullshit or not, it like smoking in a bar/resto is till a law

    so take that and put it in your pipes and smoke it

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    Thanks for the compliment....pre gear in the pic...81kg there...8 years back.
    But regardless ppl on gear only negatively affect their own health.
    Fkwit smokers ruin the air for all around's not a law thing, its a courtesy thing.
    But whatever, Mickeys your hero, each to their own. To me he looks a haggard drag queen, but yeh he smokes in non smoking zones..real outlaw

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